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Discover biblical wisdom for relationships

Do you have enemies? People who oppose you or cheer when things go south in your life? If we’re honest, we could probably name one or two. Let’s look at what Jesus said about enemies, and how to treat them.

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How Are The Fruit Of The Spirit Evidenced In Our Lives?

Ever compare yourself to those around you and feel like you’re missing the mark? Well, according to God’s Word, our focus should be on the growth in our own life. Let’s continue a series of discussions on the fruit of the Spirit, and how they are evidenced in the life of a follower of God.

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An Insightful Conversation About Our Occupation

From the moment we‘re old enough to speak, we’re asked what we want to do when we grow up. And while it’s cute to hear a four-year-old talk about being a fireman or a ballet dancer, it’s a question at the heart of each of our lives, no matter our age.

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