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Men And Women Who Sacrificed Everything To Follow Christ

Remembering those brave souls who trusted God in the face of great persecution.

Staying Strong In Your Walk With God

Let's look at the challenge of living a life of faith. So much of life is spent in the mundane details of daily living. Find a daily dose of strength to keep you going.

A Fascinating Discussion About The Life Of Samuel

God often uses an older man or woman to shape our character and help us grow up. Perhaps you’re in a place of influence. Hear an authentic conversation about making a positive impact. 

A Challenge To Look At Intimacy In Marriage A New Way

True intimacy in marriage is much more than a physical act. We'll discuss creative suggestions for deepening your relationship at home.

Practical Ways To Build Up Your Mate

For generations, in homes all across the world, the passages in the Bible that talk about submission have sparked lively debate. But for those who truly understand the principles of submission, and apply them, deep and lasting partnerships are forged . . . and enjoyed.

A Look At Key Ingredients To Deepening Your Marriage

Anyone can get married. But being married doesn’t automatically mean you have a deep, intimate relationship with your spouse. Need help connecting with your spouse?

A Fascinating Discussion About Humility

The subtle difference between humility and pride. One deflects attention . . . and the other draws it. But sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference.

An Eye-opening Conversation On Self-righteousness

Whether we admit it or not, we’ve all had moments when we criticize others for their weakness . . . and gain a little self-importance in the process. As it turns out, people have been struggling with pride since the beginning of creation!

Let’s Decipher Some Of The Analogies In The Bible And How They Relate To Life Today

What does it mean to “walk with God”? Often the Bible uses metaphors to describe the Christian life. And sometimes, they can be difficult to apply to real life. 


Explore Ways To Debate Issues With Christlike Love

Disagreements are part of daily life. And how we handle conflict is of great importance to God. Having difficulty addressing a difference in opinion? Don’t miss the practical advice.

Practical Ways To Understand The Society Around Us While Still Maintaining Our Beliefs

We’re taught to be in the world . . . but not of the world. So, as Christians, how do we reconcile our value system with a godless culture?

What It Means To Be A Follower Of Christ In Our Culture

Is there a difference between a Christian rock band and Christians in a rock band? How about a Christian business verses a Christian in a business? Want to make a difference but don’t know where to start?

Living In Today’s Society While Nurturing A Vital Relationship With God

As Christians we’re called to be different . . . “set apart” . . . from the world. And yet, we live in a culture unsympathetic with our values.