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A Fascinating Discussion About The Life Of Samuel Part 3

God often uses an older man or woman to shape our character and help us grow up. Perhaps you’re in a place of influence. Hear an authentic conversation about making a positive impact. 

Staying Strong In Your Walk With God

Let's look at the challenge of living a life of faith. So much of life is spent in the mundane details of daily living. Find a daily dose of strength to keep you going.

Men And Women Who Sacrificed Everything To Follow Christ

Remembering those brave souls who trusted God in the face of great persecution.

The Negative Impact Of Forcing One's Beliefs Onto Another Person

Have you ever been pressured to hold a particular view, or feel you must keep silent about your beliefs around certain people?

Encouragement To Speak The Truth In All Circumstances Even If It Means Persecution

It’s not easy standing up for your beliefs when the world is going another way! Hebrews chapter 11 tells the stories of men and women who lived out their faith in the face of opposition.

A Practical Look At What It Means To Stand For God Even When The World Opposes You

All of us are required to make a choice to either live by God’s standards, or go along with the cultural flow.

How Faith Plays A Part In Loving The Unlovely

God calls us to love one another, but it’s not always easy! Perhaps there’s someone you need to reach out to, but you’ve been holding back.

What It Takes To Live A Life Of Faith In A World That Undermines Your Beliefs

When your integrity is on the line, do you crumble? Or do you stand for what you believe?

Find Encouragement In Hebrews 12 For Finishing The Race Well

The journey of life isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon! And the race of life requires endurance and perseverance to make it through, no matter what obstacles you face.

How To Fully Understand The Biblical Analogy Of The “marathon” Of Faith

The life of faith is often compared to a foot race. It’s like running twenty-six miles in a marathon, racing full speed toward the finish line. Let's take an in-depth look at the history of the Olympic Games.

Discover What It Means To Finish The Life Of Faith Well

Hebrews 12, verse 1, compares the life of faith to a footrace. It encourages us to “run with perseverance.”

A Thought Provoking Discussion To Encourage Us Through Tough Times

The Scripture says we’re to look to Jesus as our model. But how do we put that into action in our lives? Perhaps you’re struggling to get through a difficult time right now.

Faith In Our All-powerful Creator Is The Solution To Those Tough Issues You May Be Wrestling With

When difficult times come, sheer will-power is not enough to get us through.

Discover How Only God’s Power Can Truly Get Us Through The Tough Times

We often go through life thinking we’re invincible, that we can get through anything if we try hard enough.

Timely Illustrations Of How The Bible Can Help When You’re At A Crossroads Part 9

Whether you realized it or not, the Bible plays a significant role in the choices you make.