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Managing our inner struggles with the Lord

It was the most lopsided fight in human history. Did Jacob actually believe he had a chance against the God of the universe? Let's talk about wrestling with God. We’ll learn from Jacob’s example how to manage our own inner struggles with the Lord.

Practical tools for getting the most out of your Bible study

It’s easy to read the Bible and pull out individual verses that we think speak to our situation. But, we need to be conscious of the entire passage, so we don’t take God’s Word out of context.

Where do consequences come into the process of forgiveness?

Even when we’ve forgiven someone for hurting us, it’s not always easy to forget the pain that was caused. Perhaps you’re struggling to mend a broken relationship right now.

Is There A Critical Difference Between Self-respect And Self-righteousness?

God has gifted each one of us with talents and skills. But when we start comparing our gifts to those around us, we run the risk of becoming jealous, and sometimes proud.

Reflecting On The Well-known Story Of The Prodigal Son

Whether you have a son or daughter who has left the faith, or you can relate to the son who stayed at home, the profound teaching of the Prodigal Son has struck a chord in men and women’s hearts for centuries.

A Helpful Conversation About Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses

The importance of understanding the context of a verse, in order to know its true meaning. Perhaps you’ve been looking to bring your grasp of the Bible to a new level.

A Challenge For Us To See Our Sin For What It Really Is

Sin is such a familiar word for a follower of Christ. We hear it in church on Sundays, in books we read, but when it comes to admitting our own guilt, we can brush sin off as nothing more than human error, or a mistake.

The Serious Consequences Of Our Sin, And The Painful Price Required To Redeem Us

It’s hard to imagine that Jesus would choose to suffer death on a cross for us. And yet, that’s exactly what He did.

Do You Need Some Fresh Wind In Your Sails?

It’s common for people to give up on their faith because of disillusionment, unmet expectations, or simply fatigue. Encouragement to hang in there when times get tough and you’re runnin’ out of energy!

Staying On Course When The Journey Of Faith Gets Difficult

Whether you’re just starting the journey of faith, or you’ve been on the road a long time, you know it’s not always easy to stay on course when circumstances get difficult. Encouragement for those starting to veer off course.

The Different Attitudes That Hinder Us From Being Fully Used By God

Every one of us has quirks, unique personality traits that define us. And sometimes, those issues get in the way of a productive and healthy life.

Discover What Keeps Us From Leading A Life Pleasing To God

Each of us have sins that hinder us from running the race of life. Perhaps it’s a negative attitude, or a habit you just can’t seem to break. Let's take the challenge to seriously look at our own lives.

What It Means To Run The Race Of Faith And To Run It Well

Just as a runner prepares for a marathon, followers of God must prepare for the race of faith.

A Biblical Perspective On Capital Punishment

The controversial topic of capital punishment and the problem of persecution.

Examine How The Account Of David In The Bible Impacts Our Lives Today

Stories have a way of communicating more than just words. They enlighten our own experiences and let us step into the experiences of others.