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Discover How A Jealous Attitude Can Ultimately Cause Destruction In Our Lives Part 47

It’s a “dog-eat-dog” world out there. And for some, that means sacrificing nothing to get to the top.

Personal Stories Of God’s Provision Part 49

When you look back, do you see the hand of God working in your life? His faithfulness in the past gives us confidence to push through difficulties in the present and the future. Find the courage to keep pressing ahead.

Uncover The Root Of Envy, And How It Breeds Discontentment Part 50

Ever compared yourself with a colleague or neighbor and felt you fell short of the mark? Perhaps they get more respect at work, or they have a bigger, nicer home.

Finding True Contentment And The Cure For Covetousness Part 51

When discontentment takes hold of our hearts, it’s not easy to let go of its grip. Discover the ability to enjoy what we own right now.

Learning To Put Our Confidence In God, Rather Than Things Part 52

God will never leave us or forsake us. That promise will carry us through, even when the things in life let us down. Discover this lifelong process.

Discover How The Ten Commandments Illustrate Love In Action Part 53

The Ten Commandments are more than just a list of rules to be obeyed. Uncover the importance of loving God, and your neighbor.

Taking A Look At The Areas Of Our Culture That Are Run By Greed And Envy Part 54

Covetousness isn’t some stuffy, irrelevant word. Jealousy is something we deal with on a daily basis. An insightful discussion on the various aspects of greed and envy found in our culture.

A Thought-provoking Discussion On Contentment, In Good Times And Bad Part 55

It’s not easy to find contentment in every circumstance. Perhaps finances are tight right now, or health issues are looming over a loved one.

Keeping The Right Perspective When It Comes To Obtaining Riches Part 57

Our culture puts a premium on the quick fix. It encourages us to live for the moment, make the easy buck, with no care for the future. Look to First Timothy chapter 6 for wisdom on obtaining riches.

The Dangers Of Building Our Lives Around Wealth Part 58

The Bible says a lot about money. How we should earn it, save it, and spend it. Feeling the pressure that comes from wanting too much, and owning too little?

Learning To Trust God With Our Finances, Possessions And Desires Part 60

Conclusion of an enriching study on contentment and a solid, biblical perspective on covetousness.

Are you searching for contentment? Part 15

The problem with the human condition is that even when we own a lot, it still doesn’t feel like enough. Let's look at the causes of envy and how to eradicate that bitter root from our lives.

We can be content even if we don’t have it all! Part 1

Every day we’re bombarded by advertisements pointing out all the things we lack. The enticing commercials can make satisfaction an elusive feeling. What we have is not what makes us whole.

Learning to be content in who you are Part 2

Are you feeling a bit restless? Do you feel a lack of personal satisfaction and purpose in your life? Discover the personal satisfaction we can have when we realize our true identity.

A biblical look at satisfaction regardless of our situation Part 3

It’s easy to feel satisfied when life is good. But when circumstances take a difficult turn, contentment can fly out the window! Let's explore the apostle Paul’s secret to contentment in every circumstance.