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The Biblical Road Map That Leads To Life Beyond The Grave Part 21

The graveyard gives a sense of permanency. To the casual observer, death represents the end of the long road of life. The grave isn’t the last stop on our journey! There’s hope ahead.

Getting Back To The Basics Of Faith

It’s God’s grace, through the sacrifice of Jesus, that enables us to have a relationship with God. Perhaps you’ve been working hard to earn your way into God’s favor.

God’s Plan Of Salvation Throughout The Old And New Testaments

Bridging the gap between the Old and New Testaments by looking at God’s plan of salvation throughout the entire Bible. Salvation isn’t limited . . . it’s for all people in all generations!

The Struggle Involved When Deciding To Follow Jesus Christ

Faith doesn’t always come easy. Many people need to see actual physical proof in order to embrace the Christian faith as their own.

Discover Practical Examples Of How Faith Works In Our Daily Lives

Does the Bible call us to take a leap of faith? For some of us, that’s not easy! Perhaps you, or a loved one, have struggled with the concept of faith and how it really works. Let's take an up close and personal look at faith.

What It Means To Follow The One True God In A Culture That Denies Him

In our post-modern society, it’s unpopular to claim that you know the ultimate truth.

Discover The Importance Of The Crucifixion, And Your Walk Of Faith

Two thousand years ago, on a dismal morning, the heart and soul of Christianity was found dying on a hillside. It was at Calvary, on the cross, where Jesus bore our sins.

Look To The Scriptures For Solid Proof Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Some believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was manufactured. A fanciful concept, dreamed up by theologians.

Discover Ways To Share The Hope We Have In Christ With Everyone

As followers of God, we strive to communicate the gospel in a clear and truthful manner. But sometimes it’s difficult to connect with someone from a different background other than yours.

God’s Power And Forgiveness Displayed In The Cross

Not everyone has an easy time accepting Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. For some, it’s difficult to embrace God’s ultimate plan. Perhaps you, or someone you love, has a hard time receiving God’s forgiveness.

How A Person’s Worldview Influences Their Receptivity To The Gospel

Perhaps you, or someone you love, is having a difficult time accepting the truth of the Scriptures.

Sharing Your Faith In A Culture That Considers Your Beliefs To Be Foolish

It’s not easy sharing your faith with others. Let's look back to ancient history, and help us understand the influence of a person’s worldview. Perhaps you’ve tried to share your faith with a friend but can’t seem to get their attention.

The Life-changing Message Of Christ

The Bible changes people’s lives, plain and simple. Perhaps you grew up in a Christian home, or you met God later in life. Either way, when you begin to study the Scriptures you’ll find it impacts your life on a daily basis.

Discover The Hope Of Salvation That Came Through Jesus’ Suffering

For many, the cross of Christ is puzzling, if not a complete mystery. Why did Jesus have to suffer such brutality for our sins?