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Discover Ways God Guides Us Through Making Wise Decisions

If you’re facing a big decision right now, you know the strain and anxiety it can bring.

The Practical Application Of “putting Out A Fleece” To Determine God’s Will

In the book of Judges, a man named Gideon asked God to perform two miracles as proof that God wanted him to take action. Perhaps you’re standing at the crossroads of decision right now.

Practical Advice For Making Good Decisions

Some people look for direction from God like a sign on the freeway, something tangible that tells us which way to go. But often, the answers to our questions aren’t so black and white.

Making Good Choices

God has equipped each of us to make good choices. Perhaps you’re struggling with some major decisions and don’t know which way to turn.

What Is God’s Role In Our Decision-making?

Do you believe God is in control? When financial pressures weigh you down, when you don’t know how you’re going to make ends meet, are you still convinced God is in control?

Timely Illustrations Of How The Bible Can Help When You’re At A Crossroads

Whether you realized it or not, the Bible plays a significant role in the choices you make.

Explore Scripture To Find What God Says About Choosing A Mate

Of all the decisions we make in life, choosing a life partner is among the most important choices we make.

Practical, Biblical Advice On Making Major Decisions, Such As Who To Marry

One of the most important decisions we’ll ever make, is choosing our life partner. Perhaps you, or someone you love, is wrestling with an important choice right now.

Practical, Biblical Advice On Making Major Decisions, Such As Who To Marry

The Bible is our guide in making good decisions. But so often we go to Scripture looking for what we want to hear, and miss out on what God really wants to say to us.

Seven Principles To Help Us Make Those Difficult Choices

Decision making isn’t always easy. In fact, there are times when trying to make a tough choice can throw us into a state of confusion.

How Our Strengths And Weaknesses Impact The Choices We Make

Have you ever been asked to tackle a job outside your comfort zone, or expertise? Let's take an in-depth look at the process of decision-making.

Discover Important Principles To Making Good Decisions

So many of our decisions are brought on by circumstances. When those situations arise, it’s easy to think the events have dictated our choices.

How Circumstances Affect The Decisions We Make

We’ve all had circumstances in life that bring us to a point of decision. A job offer in another state, a medical situation, a new baby on the way.

Important Guidelines To Making Wise Decisions

Think about the turning points in your life, seasons when you faced a big decision. Did you seek out godly counsel in that situation?

Principles We Can Follow To Help Us Make The Best Choices Possible

It’s never easy making tough decisions. Looking at how the early church made decisions, and find practical applications for us today.