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Practical Tools For Making Good Decisions

Difficult decisions often weigh us down, creating tension in every part of life until we finally make a choice, and find peace. So what can we do to find that resolution?

Discover How The Attitude Of The Heart Affects Our Belief In God

Men and women throughout history have had to make a choice, to believe Jesus rose from the grave, or deny it.

Tools To Develop Our Listening Skills, So That We Hear The Whole Truth Of The Bible

Listening is a skill. And if we’re not careful, we could miss the entire point of the conversation!

Understanding God’s Call On Our Lives

It’s possible to spend years searching for what God wants you to do with your life, and still not feel like you’ve figured it out! Our faith in God is key to finding our purpose.

An Insightful Conversation About Our Occupation

From the moment we‘re old enough to speak, we’re asked what we want to do when we grow up. And while it’s cute to hear a four-year-old talk about being a fireman or a ballet dancer, it’s a question at the heart of each of our lives, no matter our age.

The Importance Of Being Prepared When It Comes To Choosing A Job, Or Walking Away From One

If you’ve ever been asked to go against your beliefs to keep your job, you know the tough decision at stake. It’s important to be prepared for those tough choices well in advance.

Let’s Reflect On The Commitment Ruth Makes To Naomi

There are times when love outweighs logic. Our heart takes us to illogical and unlikely places, in spite of the difficulties that may bring. Let's study the lives of these great women of the Bible.

Find parallels for the Christian life from Ruth’s commitment to Naomi

When we make the decision to trust in God, our life starts going in a new direction. We turn away from old habits, and start following a new path.

Discover how some commitments can change the course of our life

Let's look at the commitment Ruth made to her mother-in-law Naomi, to care for her well-being until her death.

Engage in a thoughtful discussion about taking our promises seriously

Making a lifelong commitment, and keeping it, isn’t easy! Especially in a culture that says we can break those promises whenever the pressure’s too much to bear.

Is there something you’re up against, and you need to know which path to take?

Are you facing a tough decision today? Character greatly influences the way we make decisions.

Reflecting on the decisions that shape our lives

Making major decisions can be difficult. Who we marry, the types of education we receive, the job we take, these are all choices that take consideration and prayer.

A fascinating discussion on the conversion experience of Moses

Whether at a public event or in the privacy of someone’s home, the choice to relinquish your life to God is deeply personal, and uniquely yours.

Are you wrestling with where God has you right now?

Ever made a decision to do something you thought God wanted you to do, only to end up in a miserable place? Let's examine the life of Moses, a man of faith who struggled with God’s direction for his life.

A thought-provoking discussion on the most important decision of our lives

There comes a point of crisis in every person’s life when they need to choose to follow God, or reject Him. Are you at a crossroads right now?