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God Doesn't Focus On Our Sin

When we’re having a bad day, or life seems to be going downhill, it can be easy to focus on our failures. But if you’re traveling through life with God by your side, you don’t have to remain discouraged! God shows us grace and mercy.

A Revitalizing Message Of Hope For Your Future

Have you lost all hope? Where do you go when nothing seems to fill the emptiness in your heart, and you see a future that looks like nothing but more of the same? Re-ignite the flame God has for you . . .

Going Through A Hard Time? Part 47

Whether it’s the death of a loved one, deep financial loss, or a wayward child, trials afflict us all at one time or another. God doesn’t remove the pain from difficult circumstances, but His grace does sustain us through them.

Practical Tools For Honing Your Leadership Skills Part 15

Not all of us are born leaders. For some, hiding in the crowd is much more appealing than guiding a team or company on to greater heights.

Practical Ways You Can Help Those Dealing With Unemployment

In this difficult economy, a lot of people are out of work. We see it on the news, in our communities, our churches, even our own homes. Discover practical ways you, and your church, can help those dealing with unemployment, or the loss of income.

Find Out How Colossians Chapter 3 Applies To The Workplace Part 20

As followers of Jesus Christ, we’re called to honor God in every aspect of our lives, which includes every hour on the job, every paycheck we earn, and every to-do list we check off. 

Find Encouragement For Getting Through The Work Week In The Book Of Ephesians Part 44

God’s Word has a lot to say about our occupation, and how we spend our time! Let's open up the book of Ephesians.

Practical Ways You Can Help Those Dealing With Unemployment Or The Loss Of Income

In this difficult economy, a lot of people are out of work or suffering from a loss of income. We see it on the news, in our communities, in our churches, and even in our own homes.

Find Encouragement In Knowing God Is In Control Part 12

So much of life is out of our control. A financial crisis hits, we receive difficult medical news, a loved one passes away. Perhaps the future is uncertain for you right now.

Let’s look at the life of the apostle Paul and find encouragement for getting through the tough days Part 24

Sometimes the most profound works of God are ones that no one can see. They are found in the powerful lessons we learn through the difficult moments of life.

Find out how God uses each of us in extraordinary ways Part 19

So often we think our lives are too ordinary to be used by God. If you’re a follower of God, your life has purpose! Find encouragement for today.

Encouragement to those who fear the end Part 9

Death is sure. And death is final. But for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior, there is hope beyond the grave.

Discover encouragement to sustain us through the most troubling times Part 15

Perhaps you’re struggling financially, or your marriage is on shaky ground. For whatever reason, life seems to keep throwing you a curve. Sound familiar? Don’t lose heart!

No matter what we’ve done; God will continue to pursue us with an everlasting love Part 10

We’ve all had moments, even seasons, when we’ve turned our backs on God. Perhaps you’ve been struggling lately, finding it hard to find the way back. Find encouragement in today's discussion!

Focus on this encouraging verse in Scripture and discover the real power behind it! Part 24

The Bible declares, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” A powerful statement!