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Ten Commandments: Order Of Importance And Importance Of Order

Can covetousness lead to idolatry?

Can covetousness lead to murder?

Can covetousness lead to adultery?

Can covetousness lead to stealing?

Can covetousness lead to lying?

PURPOSE: To help listeners think broadly about covetousness.

We have to avoid oversimplifying or limiting our definition of covetousness.

The Difference Between Envy And Covetousness

What do you think is the difference between envy and covetousness?

PURPOSE: To help listeners distinguish between envy and covetousness.

What do you think is the difference between envy and covetousness?

Symptom Of Coveting: Wanting What You Shouldn't Have

When do you decide to go to a physician rather than treat yourself?

Do you think you’re always able to diagnose your own diseases?

It may be very difficult for us to see

PURPOSE: To help listeners diagnose covetousness in their lives.

When do you decide to go to a physician rather than treat yourself?

Shedding Light On Our Envious Thoughts And Learning How To Honestly Love Others

No matter how hard we try, envy still seems to creep into our hearts. He makes more money, or, She has a bigger house . . . and the list goes on and on.

Tackling The Problem Of Envy Head On

Envy has a way of sneaking up on us when we’re most vulnerable. When things are going poorly, here comes our neighbor with the new car and the seemingly perfect marriage and we wonder wouldn’t life be better if only . . .

The Divisive Problem Of Envy

Envy destroys our love for one another. It hinders us from taking delight in the good fortune of others and, instead, breeds resentment.

Has Envy, Or Perhaps Jealousy, Begun To Control Your Thoughts And Emotions?

Envy is not easily detected in our lives. It often lays hidden beneath the surface. And yet, there are subtle ways envy manifests itself in our interactions with others. 

A Helpful Perspective On The Silent Killer Called Envy

Are you content with what God has given you? Or does resentment come to the surface when you see the good fortune of others? Envy can gnaw away at our hearts and damage our relationships. 

To Enjoy A Long And Healthy Life . . . Envy Must Be Removed From Our Hearts

Envy has a way of eating away at us. And not just our mind . . . but our body as well. Bitterness and discontentment often manifest themselves in physical ways.

Beginning A New Series On The Tenth Commandment, “You Shall Not Covet” Part 1

You only have to watch a few minutes of television before you’re bombarded with advertisements for everything under the sun. There are so many things out there you never knew you always needed!

Where Is The Line Drawn Between Healthy Desires And Unhealthy Ones? Part 2

We all know what it means to want something, to see what someone else has and wish we could have something similar. Let's examine the tenth commandment, you shall not covet.

Take An Insightful Look Into The Tenth Commandment Part 3

It’s not wrong to have desires, to want a home, a family, a good life. But what happens when our “wants” become obsessions? Enjoy a helpful discussion to strengthen your faith!

Discover How Covetousness Is At The Heart Of Materialism Part 4

Each of us has an innate desire to acquire more and more stuff, to satisfy a longing in our hearts. And if we’re not careful, we can take those desires too far.

A Fresh Perspective On Enjoying What God Has Given You, Without Going Overboard Part 5

Throughout history godly men and women have looked for ways to avoid letting their desires take priority in their life. It’s not easy! Let's unravel the tenth commandment, which says, “You shall not covet.”

The Warning Signs Of A Covetous Spirit, And How To Step Back And Avoid Getting In Too Deep Part 6

How far is too far in chasing your desires? At what point does coveting come in and take control?