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Ruth’s commitment to Naomi and the deep impact it would have on her life

Imagine moving to another country. You don’t know the language. You don’t know the customs and traditions. You’re leaving all that’s familiar behind.

Ruth’s remarkable step of faith and trust

Faith in God can take you to unexpected places. For Ruth, it meant moving to a foreign land, with no prospect of finding a husband or starting a family.

God’s involvement in both good times, and bad

When an earthquake devastates a nation, or a tornado uproots a city, we often wonder why God allows such destruction to take place. Are you trying to make sense of a difficult circumstance?

Looking at Naomi’s life to find insight into dealing with tragedy

When hard times come, and we begin to lose heart, we don’t always see God’s hand. In fact, we can begin to doubt He knows what we’re going through!

A thought-provoking conversation on God’s provision

God uses ordinary people like you and me to bless others in need. Perhaps, for instance, you’ve been the recipient of financial help from a friend, just when you needed it most.

Find powerful lessons for today, as we continue an in-depth look at the life of Ruth

Character greatly influences the choices we make. And when faced with the option to do the right thing, or go another way, integrity makes all the difference!

Look at an Old Testament marriage proposal with a twist!

He gets down on one knee, she says yes, and they live happily ever after. While every proposal is unique, they typically follow a common pattern.

An unconventional marriage proposal and how God works in unexpected ways

Some of the messages in the Bible seem counter-intuitive to us in the twenty-first century, but God’s prescription always works!

Find practical insight for living the life of faith

The stories in the Bible aren’t mere fiction. They’re a historical account of flesh and blood men and women just like you and me! Let's continue an in-depth dialogue on the book of Ruth.

Keeping the right thing at the center of your life, and guarding it well

What’s at the center of your life? Is it your relationship with God? With your family? Perhaps your career?

Encouragement for keeping the faith, when persecution comes your way

Do you know someone going through a hard time because of his or her faith? Maybe you’re paying a price at the office, or have a loved one who’s been rebuffed for sharing their beliefs.

Practical tools for living out our faith

As followers of God, it’s our job to reflect the light of the Savior. But what does that really look like? Uncover what it means to be salt and light to the world around us.

Gain a whole new perspective when you look at the life of faith

Life isn’t perfect. Flights are delayed, weather interrupts our work schedule, and our best-laid plans are often fouled up. So how do you handle those uncontrollable events in your life?

Are the promises in the Bible meant to be applied in the twenty-first century?

Can we truly believe the ancient promises of God still apply to our lives today? Let's examine Hebrews 11 to determine if the promises in the Bible are meant for today.

Discover what the Scriptures are saying to you

When you receive a personal letter from a friend, the words are treasured. But sometimes it’s the thought behind the letter, those unwritten messages that really touch you deeply. Let's uncover the motivation and purpose behind the words we read in the Bible.