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Everyday Issues Of Life And Faith Part 12

A discussion committed to examining God’s Word and bringing its truths to you in practical, easy to understand terms. 

The Unconditional Love Of God Part 13

Our parents raised most of us to believe that nothing in life is free. Everything has a price. Accept the challenge to re-think this age-old notion.

Do You Want A Faith That’s Real, Alive, And Making A Difference? Part 14

Would you describe your faith walk as vibrant? Exciting? Or . . . have you grown stagnant? Encouragement to demonstrate your faith by actions.

What A Real Christian Looks Like Part 15

Many people profess to believe in God. But how do you know they really follow God with all their heart? It’s more than just lip service. Faith is made evident in a changed life.

There’s A Link Between Trusting God And Waiting For His Plan To Unfold Part 16

In a culture of fast food, Internet, and cell phones . . . patience isn’t necessarily considered a virtue. And yet, life rarely unfolds on our preferred timetable. Perhaps you’re waiting on God right now.

Encouragement To Put Your Faith In God Even When The Odds Are Stacked Against You Part 20

Overcoming impossible situations is a recurring theme in the Bible. Like the battle of Jericho . . . a victory won against all odds.

A Challenge To Trust The Credibility Of God’s Word Part 21

Some of the stories in the Bible feel more like fairy tales than true history. It’s easy to simply pass them off as a myth.

Understanding the issues of faith, evolution, and God’s design for the universe Part 1

Perhaps you have more questions than answers when it comes to this challenging subject. Don't miss a fascinating discussion.

Faith, creation, evolution, and the Big Bang theory Part 2

Join us today on "Discover the Word" to look to Scripture for answers to help us understand this important subject.

Ruth’s commitment to Naomi and the deep impact it would have on her life Part 22

Imagine moving to another country. You don’t know the language. You don’t know the customs and traditions. You’re leaving all that’s familiar behind.

Ruth’s remarkable step of faith and trust Part 23

Faith in God can take you to unexpected places. For Ruth, it meant moving to a foreign land, with no prospect of finding a husband or starting a family.

God’s involvement in both good times, and bad Part 24

When an earthquake devastates a nation, or a tornado uproots a city, we often wonder why God allows such destruction to take place. Are you trying to make sense of a difficult circumstance?

Looking at Naomi’s life to find insight into dealing with tragedy Part 25

When hard times come, and we begin to lose heart, we don’t always see God’s hand. In fact, we can begin to doubt He knows what we’re going through!

A thought-provoking conversation on God’s provision Part 43

God uses ordinary people like you and me to bless others in need. Perhaps, for instance, you’ve been the recipient of financial help from a friend, just when you needed it most.

Find powerful lessons for today, as we continue an in-depth look at the life of Ruth Part 5

Character greatly influences the choices we make. And when faced with the option to do the right thing, or go another way, integrity makes all the difference!