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Find encouragement to persevere

As followers of Christ, we are called to be a light in a world of darkness. And sometimes that means standing strong, even in the face of extreme opposition.

Practical ways to settle disputes with those in the family of God

No one is immune from conflict. Disagreements and squabbles break out, even between followers of Christ. Having difficulty finding the middle ground?

Understanding the persecution that ordinary Christians face every day

When we hear the word persecution we often correlate it to the early church martyrs who lived centuries ago. It’s foreign, and far removed from our world today.

The most important thing to consider when making decisions

Everyone dreads making tough decisions. The options can be daunting, and input from others may cloud the issue.

How we can live differently because we know there is more to come beyond this life!

Today’s adults search for ways to increase their lifespan, whether it’s with a special diet or a rigorous exercise routine.

Looking forward to the reward awaiting us in heaven!

There are lots of things to look forward to in life, but for the follower of God, all these things pale in comparison to our ultimate goal.

Looking ahead to our permanent home in heaven

How many different cities have you lived in? Regardless of whether you’ve stayed put your whole life or have moved from place to place, it’s comforting to know that our true dwelling place is not on this earth.

Making a difference for God

Often the major changes in our lives are precipitated by outside influences. And those influences don’t always guide us down the right path! Join the conversation as the team invites us to consider the changes that take us in the right direction.

Details about Moses’ life that could have some big implications

With five-minute Bible studies and quick devotionals, it’s easy to rush through passages in Scripture. But sometimes, we need to take the time required to understand what a verse truly means.

The fears Moses faced, and overcame!

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re about to make a decision, you’re ready for that change in your life, and something stops you. Often, we’re afraid of the repercussions.

Discover why it’s crucial to believe what we cannot see

It’s not uncommon to want proof before you’ll believe in God. Perhaps you’ve had moments of doubt or know someone who has.

Why Passover is still such a significant holiday today

When we think about significant dates in the Christian calendar Christmas and Easter come to mind. Let's discuss another event that tops the charts in the history of faith.

Looking at the very first Passover to find parallels with Jesus Christ as the ultimate Passover Lamb

When we read stories in the Old Testament we sometimes forget they’re part of the big picture God laid out over the course of the Bible. An insightful conversation connecting the Old and New Testaments.

The historical significance communion holds for the follower of Christ

Sometimes the things we do become so routine, we forget why we’re doing them! Don’t miss the discussion on the purpose behind communion.

Leaving your past behind to find a great new beginning with God!

When we choose to follow Christ, we’re called to put behind us anything that could hinder our relationship with Him. Let's look at the Israelites flight from Egypt, and find that not only did they leave their past behind, but they found a great new beginning with God!