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God’s faithfulness and new friends

For years Bill Crowder has been a contributing author to “Our Daily Bread” and longtime friend to RBC Ministries. Let’s introduce Bill to the “Discover the Word” family as our newest team member. Celebrating God’s faithfulness and meeting new friends.

To see the special chapel where Haddon and Alice were honored, click on the “read more” link.

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Rediscovering The Trustworthiness Of God

We all have days when everything goes wrong. It’s at those times that we’re tempted to wonder if God really has a plan in mind! Discover how to get through those tough times, when God doesn’t seem to hear your prayers.

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Take A Practical Look At Leadership

God doesn’t expect us to solve every problem on our own. Sometimes it takes a timely conversation with a family member or advice from a co-worker to see the bigger picture.

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