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Friday, August 6, 2004, Part 2

Have you ever talked with a woman who has been physically or verbally abused by her husband? How does she explain why she has allowed this to go on?

Have you ever talked to the abusive husband about what he has been doing? How does he justify it?

PURPOSE: To help listeners recognize the danger in not admitting their lies.

Have you ever talked with a woman who has been physically or verbally abused by her husband? How does she explain why she has allowed this to go on?

God Sees Your Secret Sins

What is the difference between crimes and sins.

PURPOSE: To help listeners understand that God is concerned both with sinful acts and secret sins.

What is the difference between crimes and sins.

Inspiration On Coming To God For Forgiveness

Was there ever a time as a child when you had done something wrong and you avoided being around your parents? What is true for us as children can also be true for us with God.

An Authentic Discussion On Loving Those Who’ve Done Us Harm

We’ve all experienced hurtful words from someone we love. But some grievances are difficult to forget. So where do we turn when forgiveness doesn’t come easy?

A Practical Look At Resolving Tension In The Home

Disagreements are a part of life . . . and a part of marriage. And if conflict isn’t handled right the first time . . . it can build up and ultimately destroy a relationship. Do you find it difficult to forgive and move on?

Travel With Us Back To Ancient Israel Part 18

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the meaning behind the stories Jesus told. They seem so foreign to the world we know today. Their historical description brings new life and meaning to one of Jesus’ most profound parables.

Take A Moment To Reflect On The Radical And Life-transforming Message Of The Gospel Part 19

Sometimes we take the gift of God’s only Son lightly, don’t we? We know the right words to say and the right things to pray, but we don’t take to heart the true miracle of Jesus’ sacrifice.

There’s A Fine Line Between Humility And Pride Part 30

There’s a fine line between humility and pride. Pride tries to draw attention . . . and humility attempts to deflect it. And yet, sometimes in our best moments . . . we still find ourselves slipping into a proud position.

The Power Of Humility In Our Daily Lives Part 31

In Luke 18:14, Jesus stated, “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Encouragement To Those Under The Weight Of Guilt And Shame

Redemption is not a term you hear every day. To be redeemed means you are freed from captivity, released from blame and debt.  What chains are holding you back? Freedom can be yours!

Let’s Discuss The Hebrew Celebration Of Passover

Wouldn’t it be nice to wipe the slate clean? To erase our mistakes and be free of guilt and shame? This ancient tradition of Passover foreshadows freedom for those who follow Christ. While we can’t turn back time, we can have a fresh start.

What Grace Looks Like In Relationships With Those We Love Part 19

We hear the term at church but do we really know what it means? What is grace? In order to apply grace in our relationships, we need to embrace the true definition.

A Whole New Perspective On Intimacy In Marriage Part 20

The word, “intimacy” is often used to describe romantic love. Struggling to find a deeper connection with your spouse?

Practical Advice On How To Resolve Differences In A Productive Way Part 39

It’s hard to picture an argument bringing two people closer together . . . and yet, when you handle conflict in a positive way . . . that’s exactly what happens!


An Insightful Dialogue On Building Up Relationships Part 40

It isn’t easy to ask for forgiveness when you realize you’ve been in the wrong. And it isn’t easy to forgive someone when they’ve hurt you deeply. And yet, forgiveness is a necessary ingredient in restoring relationships.