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Beginning a new series on forgiveness and caring for your relationships Part 1

Whether a careless word, or thoughtless decision, we’ve all been hurt by those we love. And if we’re not careful, that pain and resentment can fester, developing into a wound that may not heal.

How to handle confrontation in a biblical manner Part 2

No one likes confrontation. But according to the “Discover the Word” team, it’s the first step to finding forgiveness.

Practical tools for getting through tough conversations Part 3

Having to correct someone you love can make for an awkward encounter. But approaching them with the wrong attitude can make a difficult situation even worse! Our attitude matters when dealing with confrontation!

Find a biblical way to confront a fellow believer Part 4

Jesus had a lot to say about how to approach someone who’s offended you. It’s more than just the words we use, it’s our heart attitude that matters!

Let’s uncover the biblical process of confrontation Part 5

What happens when you confront someone who’s offended you, and they refuse to change their behavior? How do you restore a broken relationship?

Timely tools for dealing with confrontation Part 6

It’s not easy confronting someone who’s hurt you. Especially when you’ve tried talking with them and it didn’t seem to make a difference!

Discover the process of restoring relationships Part 7

Sin has a way of dividing us. It tears apart relationships that take years to build. So what do you do when sin comes between you and a friend or loved one?

Let’s look at biblical reconciliation, and how it impacts our relationships Part 8

There’s a process outlined in Scripture for approaching someone who’s hurt us.

When is it necessary to involve church leadership in resolving conflict? Part 9

How important is church discipline? Let's address important questions as we study the process of relational restoration.

Discover what Jesus taught about confrontation and restoration Part 10

No one is perfect. Even followers of God make mistakes! But, how should the church respond when a member refuses to repent of sin?

Let’s uncover one of four factors involved in true repentance Part 11

If you’ve hurt someone deeply, an apology isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need to show you’ve changed your ways.

What is the relationship between repenting and forgiveness? Part 12

Whether you’re hurting from a loved one’s poor decision, or you need to approach someone and admit your own fault, restoring broken relationships is hardly ever easy. Discover practical tools for your day.

Discover the process of healing relationships and the need for confession Part 13

When someone truly repents, it involves a verbal confession emerging from a changed mind and heart. Let's walk through the process of healing relationships with an eye-opening look at the need for confession.

A dramatic illustration about what it means to truly turn from your sin Part 15

What does true repentance look like? And how do you know when it’s sincere? Concluding our conversations dealing with four factors present in true repentance.

The importance of forgiveness and the danger in refusing to forgive Part 16

We all influence one another by what we say and how we act. And if we’re not careful, our actions can even cause someone to drift away from God!