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An eye-opening discussion on the motives behind Jesus’ ministry

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry, and forgave the sinner. But have you ever wondered why?

How to offer God’s forgiveness to those who’ve hurt us the most

Is there a family hurt you can’t seem to get past? A word, an action, or a mistake that makes forgiveness seem impossible?

Let’s dig deeper into the gospel of Jesus, and the grace and forgiveness we find there

Well, here’s the bad news, we’re all sinners. Everyone has broken God’s law and deserves the appropriate consequences! But hang on, ’cause there’s good news as well!

Let’s reflect on God’s consistent love in the midst of our inconsistent faith

Nobody’s perfect. Though we may falter now and again, we still hold on to God’s promise that He will forgive us, no matter the mistakes we make.

Let’s take another look at God’s incredible grace and forgiveness

It’s hard to believe that a perfect God would accept us solely on the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Can it really be that easy?

Let’s take a look at God’s remarkable forgiveness towards those who least deserve it

When someone has hurt us, it isn’t always easy to forgive. And yet God extends His grace and mercy to us every single day.

Jesus' guidelines for restoring relationships with grace

There are situations when forgiveness needs to go beyond a hug and a handshake, moments when confrontation is necessary.

Discover the importance of reading the Bible in context

Start reading a book in the middle of the story and you’ll quickly be confused! Let's emphasize the importance of reading the Bible in context, remembering that each verse is part of a single narrative.

Discover how with God’s help, it’s possible to extend forgiveness over and over again

When someone has wounded you deeply it’s difficult to offer forgiveness even once. But according to Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18, followers of God are called to extend unlimited grace to those we encounter. Find help for your relationships.

Discover the power of grace

Some of us explode in anger when we’re hurt. Others quietly seethe and turn a cold shoulder to those who’ve wounded them. Let's explain how embracing a spirit of forgiveness helps us deal with, and overcome, those destructive feelings.

Discover the meaning of forgiveness and the impact it has on our relationships

Many think forgiveness is all about saying “I’m sorry” or avoiding consequences. But according to Jesus’ teaching in Scripture, true forgiveness is centered around restoring relationships.

The role our emotions play as we strive to be people of grace

Forgiveness isn’t easy. In fact, there’s often a lot of emotional baggage that comes when forgiving someone or asking them to forgive you. An honest appraisal of forgiveness.

A meaningful conversation on what to do when you’ve forgiven but can’t forget

We can honestly try to forgive an offense. But some pain, some memories continue to haunt us for years to come. Join the group for another study on the Lord’s Prayer.

Why an attitude of forgiveness is so important for your relationships

It’s one thing to ask forgiveness when we’ve done something hurtful, but an entirely different story when we’re the ones who’ve been wounded! A timely conversation for your relationships.

A story about sin, fairness, and grace

Sin comes with a cost, our mistakes often bring consequences. But does forgiveness wipe the entire slate clean? Biblical answers to important questions on forgiveness.