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The need for caution, so we don’t get wrapped up in assumptions that never materialize Part 19

We all have assumptions about God’s will for our lives. Perhaps you’re holding on to a promise from Scripture, anticipating circumstances to turn out a certain way.

Let’s take an honest look at the expectations we have of God Part 20

We all have assumptions about how God should work in a given situation. But so often God doesn’t work in the ways we expect! Don’t miss this helpful discussion.

Discover how God intervenes in our lives Part 21

Have you ever prayed for a miracle, and been disappointed with the outcome? Just because God doesn’t respond in the way we think He should, doesn’t mean He isn’t at work!

Explore how God works in both the miraculous and the ordinary Part 22

God doesn’t expect us to sit back and let Him do all the work. We have to do our part too! Explore the different ways God works in us and with us.

Does God intervene in more ways than just the miraculous? Part 23

When we read accounts in the Bible such as God parting the Red Sea, or Jesus healing the sick, if we’re not careful, we may start to believe God works in radical ways or not at all.

Let’s look at the life of the apostle Paul and find encouragement for getting through the tough days Part 24

Sometimes the most profound works of God are ones that no one can see. They are found in the powerful lessons we learn through the difficult moments of life.

Reflecting on those who have gone before us and how God fulfilled His promises in extraordinary ways Part 4

Has God proved Himself faithful in your life? Perhaps you’re waiting for Him to fulfill a promise at this very moment.

An authentic discussion about having faith in the unseen Part 5

You’ve heard the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” It’s difficult to believe the impossible until you can see it with your own eyes.

Discover the many ways we can apply a few complex passages of Scripture Part 6

Interpreting the Bible and applying it to our lives can sometimes be a tricky assignment. You’ll appreciate the clarity that comes to some fairly foggy issues.

Learning to live with uncertainty, and have faith in the outcome! Part 7

We have an advantage today of seeing the Bible in its entirety. We see the promises God made, as well as their fulfillment. Let's look at the lives of men and women in Scripture who lived by faith, even when they couldn’t see the outcome.

Realizing that with God, there are always good things ahead! Part 12

Is it possible to come to the end of our lives and still have something to look forward to? When health fails and those we love are already gone?

Let's look at a man who staked his life on God’s promise, and wasn’t disappointed! Part 14

In a world of broken vows and shattered expectations, trust is easily dismantled. And because of that, we often allow our distrust of other people to impact our trust in God. Let's look at the biblical story of Joseph.

Let’s look at God’s promises Part 16

Ever had to wait for God to answer prayer? Perhaps you’re waiting to hear from Him right now. Often His timetable is different than our own, but the result is worth the wait!

Encouragement to trust God’s promises, even when it doesn’t fit our schedule Part 17

Ever notice how God seems to be on a different timetable than ours? We live by the minute, He chooses to act by the decade.

Looking at God’s promises and providing hope to those in “waiting mode” Part 18

It’s easy to get discouraged when God isn’t answering our prayers as quickly as we think He should. Perhaps you’re waiting on God for something in your own life.