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Faith and God’s ultimate promise

Part of the life of faith is believing that God will follow through on His promises. God has already come through on His ultimate promise to send His Son as a sacrifice for our sins.

Let's get back to the core message of the gospel

God has promised to forgive our sins through Jesus, and nothing can be added, or subtracted from that radical truth.

Let’s take a look at God’s remarkable forgiveness towards those who least deserve it

When someone has hurt us, it isn’t always easy to forgive. And yet God extends His grace and mercy to us every single day.

It's all about receiving what God has already done!

No matter how hard we try, we can’t earn our way into God’s good graces. It isn’t our church attendance or how often we pray that defines a life of faith.

It’s all about strengthening your faith

Let's go back to the basics of the gospel. If you’re in need of a fresh reminder of God’s grace, perhaps a little encouragement and perspective, join our conversation about the hope and the help found in the Bible.

Discover an intriguing look at the battle for the mind

There’s a battle that has raged for centuries, between the ideas of the world and the truth of Scripture. Let's hold up the doctrines of Scripture to other religious ideas of the ages.

Three ways God keeps His promises

God is at work, sometimes visibly, sometimes invisibly, but always faithfully.

Wondering what our final home will look like?

Our world is becoming more and more mobile. Families move across the country for a job change, vacationers go half way around the world to find rest. Let's discuss our ultimate resting place, heaven.

Reflecting on a man who trusted God’s promises instead of his own wealth

We enjoy incredible prosperity in this country. And so often our “stuff” distracts us from the promises of God. Let's reflect on the biblical account of Joseph. Getting wrapped up in the material part of life?

Looking at God’s promises and providing hope to those in “waiting mode”

It’s easy to get discouraged when God isn’t answering our prayers as quickly as we think He should. Perhaps you’re waiting on God for something in your own life.

Encouragement to trust God’s promises, even when it doesn’t fit our schedule

Ever notice how God seems to be on a different timetable than ours? We live by the minute, He chooses to act by the decade.

Let’s look at God’s promises

Ever had to wait for God to answer prayer? Perhaps you’re waiting to hear from Him right now. Often His timetable is different than our own, but the result is worth the wait!

Let's look at a man who staked his life on God’s promise, and wasn’t disappointed!

In a world of broken vows and shattered expectations, trust is easily dismantled. And because of that, we often allow our distrust of other people to impact our trust in God. Let's look at the biblical story of Joseph.

Realizing that with God, there are always good things ahead!

Is it possible to come to the end of our lives and still have something to look forward to? When health fails and those we love are already gone?

Learning to live with uncertainty, and have faith in the outcome!

We have an advantage today of seeing the Bible in its entirety. We see the promises God made, as well as their fulfillment. Let's look at the lives of men and women in Scripture who lived by faith, even when they couldn’t see the outcome.