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Discover ways to help those who are hurting

You may not recognize it immediately, but it’s possible that the person standing right next to you is wounded, broken, or struggling. Let's be willing dispensers of God’s grace. Hear a “best of” conversation from last year.

Jesus’ offer to join Him in His ministry of compassion

Two thousand years ago, Jesus began a movement that fed the hungry, comforted the hurting, and offered grace to the brokenhearted. Ready to get involved? Our study in Matthew 9 concludes .

An eye-opening conversation about the truth and grace of Christ

Let's conclude a study on John chapter 8 and the story of the woman caught in adultery. What we’ll find in this passage is a remarkable display of both the truth and grace of Christ.

Be encouraged by how Jesus handles our sin with truth and grace

She had been caught red-handed. Exposed publicly for her sin of adultery, the woman in John 8 certainly didn’t expect any mercy from Jesus or the crowd.

How to gain wisdom when handling both victories and losses with grace

No matter how smart we are, we won’t win every argument. So how can we be humble when we win and gracious when we lose? Let's study the book of Job.

Using our testimonies to share the love and grace of God with others

You can argue over facts, figures, and viewpoints. But it’s tough to debate a personal story! Learn how to “shine” for Christ.

Discover ways to help those who are hurting

You may not recognize it immediately, but it’s entirely possible that the person standing right next to you is really struggling. It starts with being willing dispensers of God’s grace.

Discover how to accept comfort from the Lord, and extend comfort to others

Where is God when painful circumstances lay us low? We can see God’s response to pain and suffering through the way Jesus interacted with the people around Him.

Let’s be dispensers of God’s grace, to both the oppressed and the oppressors

If you’ve grown up in church you’ve likely heard the story of Zacchaeus, the unpopular tax collector of short stature who regularly took advantage of others. A challenging discussion about the universal need for us to be dispensers of God's grace to both the oppressed and the oppressor like Zacchaeus.

How to love those we disagree with

It’s a little easier to extend grace to those who share our beliefs. But accepting those who think or act differently than us is far more difficult! How God’s grace can bridge that gap.

An eye-opening discussion about becoming dispensers of grace

In order to offer grace to others, we first need to receive that same grace ourselves! Let's study the interactions Jesus had with people to show how He extended grace to those who seemed to deserve it the least.

In Second Peter chapter one, discover the biblical prescription for a fruitful faith

It would be a terrible waste to accept God’s grace, yet live a barren life. So how can a Christian see more of Jesus active in their life?

Why “Lord, have mercy” should be our daily request

What is the one thing you ask God for the most? Protection for your family? Food on the table? It’s the conclusion of a study on “The Mercy Prayer.”

Gain a profound perspective on God’s grace

When the weight of life crushes down on us, and the pain is more than we can bear, our plea to God is “Why?” How our personal pain may be the perfect answer to the prayer; “Lord, have mercy.”

How justice, mercy, and grace are displayed in perfect harmony through the person of Jesus Christ

There are events in life that call for justice. Other times, we’re desperately seeking mercy. And almost every day, we’re in need of grace!