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Discover A New Perspective On God’s Grace Part 27

Focus in on a topic that’ll change the rest of your life. It’s the free gift of salvation. Discover that though salvation is free, it isn’t easy. And it isn’t cheap.

Getting Back To The Core Message Of The Gospel

God has promised to forgive our sins through Jesus, and nothing can be added, or subtracted from that truth.

Embracing God’s Incredible Grace And Forgiveness

It’s hard to believe that a holy God would accept us on the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Often, we get stuck thinking that we need to work our way into His favor.

God’s Plan Of Salvation Throughout The Old And New Testaments

Bridging the gap between the Old and New Testaments by looking at God’s plan of salvation throughout the entire Bible. Salvation isn’t limited . . . it’s for all people in all generations!

What Does It Take To Embrace The Life Of Faith And Follow Jesus?

Not everyone has a dramatic conversion. You may be thinking your redemption story isn’t all that spectacular.

What It Means To Follow The One True God In A Culture That Denies Him

In our post-modern society, it’s unpopular to claim that you know the ultimate truth.

Are You Having A Difficult Time Accepting Christ?

Having faith in God isn’t based on a feeling you get. It’s based on believing God’s promises to you. Discover Alice’s personal struggle to come to faith as a child.

Dealing With The Inconsistencies Of Life

Where is God when good people suffer? Where is He when men and women are rewarded for evil deeds? Tackle these tough questions and discover a solution.

Practical Examples Of How To Re-engage Ourselves In Our Faith

There are seasons in life that are just plain dull. We get into a routine day in and day out and boredom sets in. Let's examine how this can happen in our walk with God.

Hope For Those Going Through Challenging Circumstances

When difficult days come, where do you turn for help and relief? Maybe you’re under intense personal pressure at this very moment.

How Can Two People Witness The Same Event And Come Away With Completely Different Impressions? Part 1

One person may see the evidence of Christ and start believing in Him, while another sees the same evidence and turns away. Let's unravel this two-sided mystery.

The Profound Impact Of God’s Grace On Our Lives Part 28

No one is perfect. Even on a good day we fall well short of the mark. No, we’re not perfect, but there’s hope for us all!

Discover How Jesus Used Stories For Teaching Profound Lessons On Life Part 4

We’re drawn to a good story. An anecdote that tickles your funny bone, or a plot with a surprise twist at the end.

Let’s Look At Jesus’ Teaching About Those Who Are Lost Part 6

Have you ever been driving somewhere without your map or your GPS, and gotten lost? Or perhaps you thought you were going south, only to find out you were actually going north the whole time?

A Colorful Illustration Of God’s Love For His Children Part 8

Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep is a story about God’s love. You’ll hear how God hunts us down, like a shepherd chasing after one of his lost sheep.