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A fascinating discussion on the conversion experience of Moses

Whether at a public event or in the privacy of someone’s home, the choice to relinquish your life to God is deeply personal, and uniquely yours.

Reflecting on the decisions that shape our lives

Making major decisions can be difficult. Who we marry, the types of education we receive, the job we take, these are all choices that take consideration and prayer.

Gain a new appreciation for your place in history

Over the centuries, God has used ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Even at this moment, He could be preparing you for a powerful contribution to the kingdom of God!

How can an ordinary person make a difference?

Look back through history, and you’ll see gifted leaders, men and women who changed the world. Their stories make it easy for us today to discount ourselves. God often chooses commonplace people to contribute in a major way!

The importance of understanding the history and context of Scripture

It’s easy to read the New Testament in personal Bible study, without understanding how it’s interwoven with the Old Testament. But reading just half the Bible gives us only half the story!

Find out why the Old Testament isn’t outdated

The Bible includes both the Old Testament and the New Testament. But, if we’re honest, most of us gravitate toward the New in our personal Bible study. Let's refresh our perspective on the complete Bible.

Does God control everything? Or do people have the freedom to make choices?

For centuries, this riddle has befuddled the most educated theologians in the world. Today we'll grapple over this great mystery: Does God control everything? Or do people have the freedom to make choices?

The importance of decision making, especially when it involves our relationship with God

Choosing to accept or reject Christ is the most important decision a person makes. It not only affects life here on earth, but all of eternity, as well!

Discover how the home environment affects the decision to follow God

No two families are alike. Whether you grew up in a home founded on faith, or never attended church as a youngster, God is still at work in every life!

Taking a moment to adjust your priorities

The God-given responsibility entrusted to moms and dads includes caring for a child’s physical, emotional and spiritual development. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced lifestyles, providing spiritual guidance and nourishment takes a back seat to basic necessities.

Let’s look to the Scriptures for guidance as we pass down our faith to the next generation

It’s the hope of every Christian parent to instill faith in their child. We want to teach them through our actions and words to trust God’s promises!

Wondering what our final home will look like?

Our world is becoming more and more mobile. Families move across the country for a job change, vacationers go half way around the world to find rest. Let's discuss our ultimate resting place, heaven.

Reflecting on a man who trusted God’s promises instead of his own wealth

We enjoy incredible prosperity in this country. And so often our “stuff” distracts us from the promises of God. Let's reflect on the biblical account of Joseph. Getting wrapped up in the material part of life?

Looking at God’s promises and providing hope to those in “waiting mode”

It’s easy to get discouraged when God isn’t answering our prayers as quickly as we think He should. Perhaps you’re waiting on God for something in your own life.

A refreshing discussion that quells the fear about death and dying

Think you’re not good enough to earn God’s love? The truth is, none of us is good enough! It’s only the grace of God that gives us any hope beyond the grave.