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Find Encouragement In Knowing God Is In Control

So much of life is out of our control. A financial crisis hits, we receive difficult medical news, a loved one passes away. Perhaps the future is uncertain for you right now.

Discover A Fresh Perspective On Your Occupation

For many, work is drudgery. It puts the food on the table, but doesn’t satisfy the inner need for purpose in our souls. Looking for energy to get through your daily assignments? Feel a little confused about the future?

What Does God’s Call On Our Lives Really Mean?

It’s not uncommon to hear someone talk about God’s calling in their life. Our calling may be more about our attitude and desire to serve God, than it is our employment position or geographical location.

Understanding God’s Call On Our Lives

It’s possible to spend years searching for what God wants you to do with your life, and still not feel like you’ve figured it out! Our faith in God is key to finding our purpose.

Is It Possible You’re Right Where God Wants You At This Very Moment?

Are you in a job you love, or are you waiting for the right opportunity? Find out how serving God is more about your heart attitude and less about your job location.

Serving God Starts Right Where You Are Today

What’s your primary focus in life? What gives you purpose and meaning? Serving God is the most fulfilling assignment in all of life, whether you work in an office or in the home.

Find Practical Help On Knowing The Will Of God For Your Life

For centuries, men and women have struggled to find God’s will for their lives. What career should I choose? Whom should I marry? Well, all of us want to make the right choices in life! Knowing the will of God isn’t as complicated as you might think.

How Our Daily Tasks Can Be More Than A Means To An End

When Monday morning rolls around, do you drag yourself out of bed, or do you find a sense of purpose as you begin the day’s work? A stimulating conversation about the significance of your job.

All Of Our Work Matters To God!

No job is too small or unimportant. Finding significance in our work starts with a right attitude!

Uncovering God’s Plan For The Responsibilities He’s Given Us

When you look back on your workweek you probably notice that some aspects of your job are enjoyable, while others are just plain tedious. Whether you work in the office or the home, this helpful discussion is for you!

Practical Tools For Making Good Decisions

Difficult decisions often weigh us down, creating tension in every part of life until we finally make a choice, and find peace. So what can we do to find that resolution?

Principles We Can Follow To Help Us Make The Best Choices Possible

It’s never easy making tough decisions. Looking at how the early church made decisions, and find practical applications for us today.

Important Guidelines To Making Wise Decisions

Think about the turning points in your life, seasons when you faced a big decision. Did you seek out godly counsel in that situation?

How Circumstances Affect The Decisions We Make

We’ve all had circumstances in life that bring us to a point of decision. A job offer in another state, a medical situation, a new baby on the way.

Discover Important Principles To Making Good Decisions

So many of our decisions are brought on by circumstances. When those situations arise, it’s easy to think the events have dictated our choices.