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Hope for dark times is found in knowing our place in God’s redemption story!

The Bible tells us Jesus came to rescue us from the oppressive powers of sin and death. So why do we often feel like we’re still held captive?

A personal firestorm that ignited trust in the goodness of God

Firestorms often come unexpectedly. And they leave ash, rubble, and devastation in their wake. But within the ruins, we find surprising signs of hope.

The conclusion of our study in the book of Job with a message of hope

Job’s story has a bittersweet ending. While he wound up with more than he had before, could his new blessings ever replace all that he had lost?

Why it’s fruitful to believe that God knows us individually

Faith means trusting that God knows how much we can handle, even when we’re in the midst of difficult circumstances. Perhaps you’re wondering if your trial is more than you can bear.

Job’s place in Scripture, and the lessons we can learn from this story of faith

Compared to the uplifting or encouraging books of the Bible, the book of Job seems to stand out like a sore thumb.

Discover how it's our very brokenness that makes us candidates for serving the Lord

Ever feel like all the flaws in your family history make you ineligible for God’s work? Maybe you’ve heard God’s call for your life, but don’t feel qualified to accept. It's the conclusion of the series “The Beauty of Broken.”

What will your legacy be?

Each day we write another chapter in our own personal legacy. So when you finally leave this earth, what kind of story will you leave behind? Let's discuss how we want to be remembered, and that’s as people who were loved!

Perspective that can help you see “The Beauty of Broken”

When our son wanders off course, or our daughter makes poor decisions, we may wonder if they have completely missed God’s plan for their life. Offering hope and encouragement for worried moms and dads.

Find hope for your broken expectations

If you’ve ever experienced a broken dream, a bitter disappointment, or a crushing regret then you know what it’s like to experience unfulfilled expectations. Let's walk the trail of broken promises Samson left behind him, and reveal how God redeemed each one!

Explore the danger of turning our faith into a performance for others

Ever feel like you’re just going through the motions of faith? Just marking items off your spiritual “to-do list”?

Discover the influence we have on other people’s walk with God

As followers of Christ, we can either build each other up in the faith, or be a stumbling block, tripping each other up.

What it takes to put our hope in the promises of God

Is putting our trust in God a leap of faith? Or is commitment to following Jesus an act of reason and logic? Let's take an up-close and personal look at faith.