Tags: Humility

Remembering We Should Live Our Lives For An “audience Of One”

There’s a subtle temptation to live our spiritual lives for an audience of onlookers . . . rather than the “audience of One” . . . our heavenly Father. Saying the right thing at Bible study, having a prominent part in the Sunday service . . . it’s all good, but not the right focus.

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The Need For Grace At Every Step Of The Journey

We begin the Christian life with the best intentions. Go to church on Sunday, tithe ten percent . . . but in the midst of learning to look like a Christian, sometimes we forget the grace we found at the foot of the cross.

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A Lively Discussion On Humility

The game of comparison is a dangerous one to play. Unfortunately, it’s a trap that impacts us all. Considering ourselves better than others is harmful . . . not just to the other person, but to our relationship with God, as well.

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