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Discover that being wise actually means being trustworthy!

How would you describe a wise person? Is it someone who knows a lot? Maybe it’s a person with important things to say? We’re looking at another important aspect of wisdom.

Transforming principles from the Sermon on the Mount

If we practice our faith solely for the applause of others, we’re not being true to God’s calling. When our acts of righteousness come from within, we’re living authentically!

Are you ever tempted to tell only part of the story?

Ask any parent of small children and they’ll tell you how kids are prone to compromise. Sometimes it’s telling a half-truth or hiding a stolen treasure in their pocket. But what’s true of little ones doesn’t necessarily disappear when we grow up! Join us for a lesson in honesty and integrity.

Applying Jesus’ commands to the modern-day legal system

Read through the New Testament and it’s obvious that the culture Jesus engaged is vastly different from our own. But though the speech and customs have changed, the call to integrity and honesty in all things hasn’t.

Looking at the cost of integrity; is it worth the effort?

Choosing to follow God isn’t always easy. Sometimes there’s a price tag for doing the right thing.

Engage in a thoughtful discussion about taking our promises seriously

Making a lifelong commitment, and keeping it, isn’t easy! Especially in a culture that says we can break those promises whenever the pressure’s too much to bear.

Discover how some commitments can change the course of our life

Let's look at the commitment Ruth made to her mother-in-law Naomi, to care for her well-being until her death.

Discover How To Bring Meaning To Your Ordinary Work Day

It’s not always easy to find significance and meaning in the mundane assignments on our plate everyday. Bring new life to your workweek with a thought-provoking study in Ephesians.

Practical Tools On How To Get Through A Season Of Unemployment

So much of our life is spent at work. And when we lose our jobs, it can deliver a crushing blow.

The Relational Fallout And Working Through The Grieving Process Of Job Loss

When someone loses their job, they aren’t the only ones affected. Often a spouse feels the pain just as deeply. Discover how to work through the grieving process together.

Let’s Turn Our Attention To The Elder Brother In The Story Of The Prodigal Son

The story in the New Testament of the prodigal son isn’t intended to focus solely on the younger brother and his strained relationship with his father.

Find Encouragement In Hebrews 12 For Finishing The Race Well

The journey of life isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon! And the race of life requires endurance and perseverance to make it through, no matter what obstacles you face.

A Practical Look At What It Means To Stand For God Even When The World Opposes You

All of us are required to make a choice to either live by God’s standards, or go along with the cultural flow.

Encouragement To Speak The Truth In All Circumstances Even If It Means Persecution

It’s not easy standing up for your beliefs when the world is going another way! Hebrews chapter 11 tells the stories of men and women who lived out their faith in the face of opposition.

Look To God’s Word For Help When Mixing Politics And Religion

For centuries, religious wars and political battles have been fought in the name of God. Look to God’s Word for help with sensitive cultural issues.