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Our Work Matters To God!

It’s far more than just getting a paycheck. Whether you spend your work days in the church, an office, or at home, the responsibilities we carry out can and should glorify God.

Sharing Your Faith In A Culture That Considers Your Beliefs To Be Foolish

It’s not easy sharing your faith with others. Let's look back to ancient history, and help us understand the influence of a person’s worldview. Perhaps you’ve tried to share your faith with a friend but can’t seem to get their attention.

How A Person’s Worldview Influences Their Receptivity To The Gospel

Perhaps you, or someone you love, is having a difficult time accepting the truth of the Scriptures.

Discover Ways To Share The Hope We Have In Christ With Everyone

As followers of God, we strive to communicate the gospel in a clear and truthful manner. But sometimes it’s difficult to connect with someone from a different background other than yours.

The Negative Impact Of Forcing One's Beliefs Onto Another Person

Have you ever been pressured to hold a particular view, or feel you must keep silent about your beliefs around certain people?

Does The Bible Advocate Befriending People Of Other Religious Convictions?

How far should we go in trying to evangelize those who chose a different faith walk than our own?

Having A Hard Time Sharing Christ With Others?

For many of us, declaring our faith in front of an audience is a frightening prospect. In an unbelieving culture, it can be difficult to boldly share your beliefs.