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Making Good Choices Part 7

God has equipped each of us to make good choices. Perhaps you’re struggling with some major decisions and don’t know which way to turn.

What Is God’s Role In Our Decision-making? Part 8

Do you believe God is in control? When financial pressures weigh you down, when you don’t know how you’re going to make ends meet, are you still convinced God is in control?

How Does God Speak To People Today? Part 18

If God speaks to people today, what does it look or sound like? Does He give us hunches or feelings about what we should do? Let's examine God’s specific revelations in Scripture to uncover how He does, and how He probably does not, interact with us today.

Practical Tools For Making Good Decisions Part 20

Difficult decisions often weigh us down, creating tension in every part of life until we finally make a choice, and find peace. So what can we do to find that resolution?

Is It Possible You’re Right Where God Wants You At This Very Moment? Part 36

Are you in a job you love, or are you waiting for the right opportunity? Find out how serving God is more about your heart attitude and less about your job location.

What Does God’s Call On Our Lives Really Mean? Part 38

It’s not uncommon to hear someone talk about God’s calling in their life. Our calling may be more about our attitude and desire to serve God, than it is our employment position or geographical location.

Discover What It Means To Walk In The Spirit Part 22

The Bible is full of word pictures, examples that bring biblical concepts to life. It’s a great picture of our daily interaction with God.

Discover How God Works In The Ordinary Events We Confront Every Day Part 13

Even when we don’t see it, God is at work, orchestrating His plan in our lives. Enjoy a fascinating discussion based on the book of Ruth.

What Ruth’s commitment can show us about our commitment to Christ Part 17

When we put our trust in Jesus Christ, we turn from our old life and embrace a new one. Let's examine the ramifications of Ruth’s commitment to her mother-in-law and what we can learn from it.