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What Ruth’s commitment can show us about our commitment to Christ

When we put our trust in Jesus Christ, we turn from our old life and embrace a new one. Let's examine the ramifications of Ruth’s commitment to her mother-in-law and what we can learn from it.

How Ruth’s commitment can reflect the marriage vows of a man and woman

In the book of Ruth chapter one, Ruth tells her mother-in-law, “Where you go I will go . . . Your God will be my God.”

Practical Ways To Support Those Who Teach Us The Word Of God

We see our pastors every Sunday, and perhaps at a Bible study during the week, but often it’s easy to forget that the Bible calls us to care for the shepherds of the church.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Thriving Congregation?

Love, joy, peace, patience . . . these are important qualities to have not only in yourself, but in the church you attend.

How Are The Fruit Of The Spirit Evidenced In Our Lives?

Ever compare yourself to those around you and feel like you’re missing the mark? Well, according to God’s Word, our focus should be on the growth in our own life. Let's continue a series of discussions on the fruit of the Spirit, and how they are evidenced in the life of a follower of God.

The Dangers Of Comparing Ourselves To Others

When we compare ourselves to others either we puff up with pride over our virtues, or deflate as we dwell on our weaknesses. Our benchmark should be God’s standards, and not the men and women around us.

Discover A Fresh Perspective To Dealing With People In A Loving Way

It’s not easy to confront someone who has strayed from the faith. But at times, confrontation is necessary.

Let’s Look At The Fruit Of The Spirit In The Way We Treat Others

It’s common to commit the fruit of the Spirit to memory, love, joy, peace, patience. But have you ever wondered how to live those attitudes out?

Reflect On Ways God Has Helped Us Grow In Our Personal Lives

We all have characteristics we’d love to change about ourselves. But it’s a real struggle to actually make those changes!

A Fresh Perspective On What It Means To Live A Holy Life

For many of us, the word “holiness” carries with it a sense of confusion. For some, it brings feelings of guilt or shame.

How The Income We Earn Could Equip Us To Help Others

Our culture is me-centric. Focusing on what will make me more money and give me more prominence. But those who follow God are called to have a different outlook on life.

Is It Possible To Do Something You Love And Still Call It Work?

For many, work is nothing more than a means to pay the bills and put food on the table. Let's talk about your job, your vocation, and the responsibilities that fill your day.

An Invitation For Us To Offer Our Work In Worship To God

Perhaps your daily tasks seem menial in the grand scheme of things. Well, you don’t have to work in a church or a ministry to serve God!

Worship Is More Than A Sunday Morning Event, It’s A Way Of Life!

When we think of worship, we picture churches on Sunday mornings, with the congregation singing hymns or praise songs.

Wondering If Your Employment Matters To God?

Whether you work in an office, on a delivery truck, or in the home, we’re called to worship God in our work. Does the way we go through our workday show our love for God?