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How to make the good news of God’s grace our own

The gospel of Jesus is good news indeed. But until it becomes your personal story, it remains simply a bold headline!

Let’s dig deeper into the gospel of Jesus, and the grace and forgiveness we find there

Well, here’s the bad news, we’re all sinners. Everyone has broken God’s law and deserves the appropriate consequences! But hang on, ’cause there’s good news as well!

Why we all need the grace and healing of the Savior

If your nose doesn’t run and your throat doesn’t itch, there’s no reason to see a doctor. It’s only when you know that you’re sick that you look for a remedy!

Discover the need for a Savior

According to the world’s standards, we may seem like decent people. But if we gauge ourselves according to Jesus’ standards, we’ll find we badly miss the mark! take a hard look at Jesus’ criteria for righteousness in the Sermon on the Mount.

Discover the difference between living by the spirit of the Law and the letter of the Law

Just as toddlers push the limits of their parents’ rules, as children of God we tend to look for loopholes in the Law to get our own way. A study of Jesus’ teaching in Luke chapter ten.

Let’s take a closer look at the perplexing timeline of God’s kingdom

Jesus said the kingdom of God was at hand. And yet, centuries later, we’re still praying the words of the Lord’s Prayer, Thy kingdom come. So how is it possible for God’s kingdom to be established already, and at the same time not here yet?

Looking to the Scriptures for direction on what Jesus meant when He prayed “Thy kingdom come”

When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He prayed that God’s kingdom would come. Over the centuries men and women have hypothesized about the meaning behind Jesus’ words.

Let’s revisit Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount

If I go to church on Sunday and read my Bible every day I’m sure to be accepted by God, right? Or is there more to Christianity than the things we do? Hear the thought-provoking study of Matthew chapter 5.

Let’s turn to Jesus’ most famous sermon for answers

It’s easy to be kind to friends and family. But what about people who are hard to be around? Or maybe the downtrodden that we don’t even know by name? What does Jesus command when it comes to people who need extra grace?

Join the discussion about practical Christianity

A hurricane touches down, or a flood devastates a region. When that happens, what are we called to do? As Christians we’re called to pray, and to help! Consider Jesus’ command to bless others, no matter what.

Discover biblical wisdom for relationships

Do you have enemies? People who oppose you or cheer when things go south in your life? If we’re honest, we could probably name one or two. Let's look at what Jesus said about enemies, and how to treat them.

Develop the attitude of going above and beyond expectations

You’ll often hear people talking about “going the second mile.” It’s a reference we don’t even think about today, but Jesus taught that generosity characterizes a Christian!

Find practical answers for life in the Sermon on the Mount

When you run into a legal confrontation, how should you settle it? And, when there’s a dispute, how do you make peace? In Matthew chapter 5, search for answers in the Sermon on the Mount.

Does Jesus call us to be strong or weak when dealing with others?

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells His followers to “turn the other cheek.” But does this mean that Christians are weak?

Being on the receiving end of hurtful words, and how to respond in love

As children, we sang about “sticks and stones,” but as adults, we’re well aware of the pain of words, as well! So, how should Christians respond to the sting from an angry comment or a public insult?