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Discover what it means to be a disciple of Christ

A relationship with God is at the heart of the Christian life. Let's continue a thought-provoking study on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Find out where to start to dig deeper into God’s Word

Let's use Matthew chapter five to illustrate Bible study tools for getting the most out of your Scripture reading. Want to dig deeper into God’s Word but don’t know where to start?

Let’s explore ways to be salt and light to those around us

Not all of us feel adequate or equipped to share the gospel. But according to the “Discover the Word” team, everyone has the ability to share the love of God through their actions.

Discover the difference between doing good works, and shining the light of Christ

What does it mean to shine the light of God into a darkened world? Let's reflect on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount for an intriguing discussion.

What it means to us for God to be both King of the universe and our Father in heaven

Tragically for some, the image of God the Father evokes bitter memories of a broken relationship with their dad. Let's take a closer look at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Uncover the mystery of God’s compassion and affection for His children

How can God be King of the universe, and yet, share a closeness with His children as our Abba Father, our daddy?

Journey to ancient Galilee and experience the Scriptures in a new way!

As we see Jesus teaching to the crowds, the Scriptures come alive in a new way, and questions we have about the text are answered.

Discover the difference between the gospel, and the gospel of the kingdom

When we think of the gospel, we often picture Christ on the cross. But when Jesus was teaching His Sermon on the Mount, His reference to the gospel of the kingdom had a different meaning.

Let's look to Jesus' teaching for developing a healthy understanding of the whole Bible

The “Discover the Word” team is passionate about having a working knowledge of the Bible. And this includes an understanding of both the Old and New Testaments!

Bringing clarity to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

When we read the words of Jesus in Matthew 5, some of His references are quite puzzling. Let's answer some key questions that bring clarity to Jesus’ teaching, commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount.

Discover what Jesus’ contemporaries thought about His role on earth, and how we should view Him today

Did Jesus come to earth to abolish the Old Testament Law, or to fulfill it?

Let’s see how God’s truth is played out in the lives of His people

God set a redemption plan in motion before the foundation of the earth. Everything He did pointed towards the coming Savior, Jesus Christ!

Reflecting on Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament and what that means today

God gave us both the old and new covenants, as a complete picture of His purpose for the world.

What Jesus meant when He said, “I did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it”

Let's look at Old Testament prophecy, and offer insight into what Jesus meant when He said, “I did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.”

Discover how Jesus’ life reflects the history of Israel

Few things are more enlightening than tracing the fascinating history of God’s people. Let's discuss the familiar Sermon on the Mount.