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Discover how Jesus’ death fulfills ancient Jewish law

Many assume the Old and New Testaments are two completely separate books, but in reality, they’re deeply connected. Let's take an in-depth look at Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

Consider the context of Jesus’ ministry to really grasp His teachings

When you isolate one single verse in the Bible, it’s easy to misinterpret its true meaning.

Discover how Jesus’ teaching on keeping the law applies to us today

There are verses in the Bible that are just plain difficult to understand! They don’t seem to apply to us in the twenty-first century.

Discover how the Old and New Testaments teach us about our relationship with God and others

When we see the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, we might assume the Old Testament is obsolete. Find out why the "Discover the Word" Team suggests that’s not the case!

Let’s take an honest look at following the rules of religion, and where it can lead

Is the Christian life all about rules? Or should we be more concerned with our heart attitude? Another thought-provoking study on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Let’s explore what it really means to live like a follower of God

In His teaching on the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus challenges our notion of righteousness.

Uncovering the heart of Jesus’ message in the Sermon on the Mount

We’d run ourselves ragged trying to work our way into heaven. And if we take Matthew chapter five verse 20 out of context, we could easily misunderstand Jesus’ words and assume that’s His expectation.

Analyzing Jesus’ words in His Sermon on the Mount to gain a greater understanding of His ultimate purpose

Jesus’ contemporaries weren’t quite sure what to make of Him! Was He there to establish new laws? Or uphold the old beliefs?

Reflecting on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and His emphasis on our motives

First Samuel 16:7 provides a timely reminder that “people look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Finding mercy and forgiveness at the cross of Jesus Christ

No matter how hard we try, there’s nothing we can do to earn God’s favor. Instead, when we realize our extensive brokenness, there’s room to receive God’s immeasurable grace!

Jesus’ definition of good, and if it’s ever possible for us to be good enough Part 1

No matter how good our behavior is, it pales in comparison to a holy God! Let's revisit Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Find practical guidance for today from Jesus’ teaching to the Pharisees Part 2

It’s good to go to church on Sunday and read our Bible regularly, but when we set these actions up as self-made rules that must be followed, we’ve missed the point. Unravel Jesus’ teaching to the Pharisees in Matthew chapter five.

Discover the unique teaching formats Jesus used to speak to the very first Christians Part 3

Jesus’ teaching style is effective and unique. It draws us into the learning process, rather than telling us all the answers up front.

Shedding light on Jesus’ teaching about speaking in anger Part 4

If you’ve been wounded by hurtful language or verbal abuse, you know the pain it can cause. Let's shed light on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew chapter five.

An intriguing discussion about the seriousness of unbridled anger Part 5

Words are powerful. And according to the teaching of Jesus, words said in anger can be just as destructive as physically hurting someone. Let' continue a thought-provoking study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Jesus takes unbridled anger seriously, and we should too!