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How the church can support those dealing with abuse in the home

We live in a fallen world. And Christian homes aren’t immune to abuse and suffering. Let's wrestle with the difficult subject of domestic abuse and how the church can help those dealing with it.

Biblical wisdom and hope for struggling relationships

Not all marriage relationships are positive and uplifting. Let's take an honest look at some of the more challenging moments in marriage. Perhaps your relationship is struggling right now.

Look at God’s ultimate design for marriage and find encouragement in the Scriptures

Marriage isn’t easy! Whether you’ve been with your spouse 2 years or 50 years, you know that relationships take lots of work!

The difficult subject of abuse and how to break this dangerous cycle

In a fallen world, not all homes are happy, and not all marriages are healthy. Perhaps you, or a loved one, are struggling in your marriage right now.

Looking to the Bible for hope as we wrestle with the difficult subject of divorce

When a young couple walks down the aisle, they never expect heartbreak in their future. But as the years go on, marriages often struggle, and for many, divorce appears to be the only resolution.

Discover powerful truths in Scripture to strengthen your marriage

Submission, sacrifice, respect, and love, according to Ephesians chapter 5 these qualities are to be integral in the husband-wife relationship.

A controversial text in Ephesians and an important message for your marriage

The Bible uses the word “submit” when it addresses husbands and wives. But for years, the subject of submission in the home has been widely debated, and often misapplied.

Bringing clarity to the sensitive subject of submission in marriage

It’s not uncommon for us to misunderstand a passage of Scripture. And Ephesians 5 is no exception.

Discovering what Ephesians chapter five says about submission

Ephesians chapter 5 has a lot to say about how husbands and wives should interact. And when we look closely at this passage, it’s clear that the concept of submission has largely been misunderstood, and even abused.

Let’s shed light on the controversial subject of submission

For centuries, the biblical subject of submission has sparked lively debate in churches, and in homes.

Putting our burdens down at the foot of the cross

We all have burdens that weigh us down. Perhaps you’ve made some poor choices in the past, or you’re struggling to overcome shame and regret. A refreshing message on forgiveness.

Dealing with the important issue of forgiveness

Nobody’s perfect. In fact, Romans 3:23 says “. . . all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” But for some, the weight of guilt keeps them from accepting a life with Christ.

Do you think you need to love yourself in order to be able to love others?

Have you ever heard the statement that you need to love yourself in order to be able to love others? Do you think that’s true? Find helpful insight from Luke chapter 10 to unravel this complex topic.

Gain wisdom from the book of Proverbs to help you during the difficult child-rearing years

Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with an instruction manual? With answers to your frequently asked questions!

Discover wisdom for raising children

If you have children, then you know they come packaged with their own unique personality! One may be quiet, another loud, another an endless source of energy. Take a look at Proverbs chapter 22, verse 6.