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Looking at some commonly misunderstood Bible passages Part 1

Perhaps you’ve found yourself quoting a familiar verse, but don’t truly understand its context. Gain a fresh perspective on the importance of accuracy.

Are you struggling to get a solid grasp on the Bible? Part 2

If the Bible can change our life, then why don’t we spend more time reading it? Well, sometimes it’s because we don’t truly comprehend what we’re reading!

Practical advice for reading through the Bible, and understanding it along the way! Part 3

Have you ever tried reading the Bible all the way through, from start to finish? It’s easy to get bogged down in Leviticus and conclude we can’t go any further!

An insightful discussion on biblical truth, and how to apply it to our lives Part 4

The "Discover the Word" Team is passionate about God’s Word, and helping others appreciate what the Bible says. Don’t miss this refreshing conversation on biblical truth.

Let’s reveal the true hope behind this often misunderstood familiar verse in the Psalms Part 5

It’s not uncommon to hear the Bible quoted in public settings. And sometimes, the Scripture is misused, failing to reflect what the author intended.

Discover fresh insight to familiar Bible passages Part 6

There are passages of Scripture we hear over and over again. And because of the repetition, we think we understand exactly what the verses are saying.

Discover how a passage in the book of Numbers is still relevant for us today Part 7

When we read the Old Testament, some of the stories may appear a little far-fetched, perhaps even a bit superstitious.

Discover how Hosea’s life mirrored God’s message to His people Part 8

Often God uses men and women in the Bible to speak words of wisdom to His followers. Let's discuss God’s calling of the prophet Hosea.

An intriguing dialogue about the history of Israel when the prophet Hosea came on the scene Part 9

Understanding the historical context of a passage in Scripture makes a big difference in how to respond to God’s message!

No matter what we’ve done; God will continue to pursue us with an everlasting love Part 10

We’ve all had moments, even seasons, when we’ve turned our backs on God. Perhaps you’ve been struggling lately, finding it hard to find the way back. Find encouragement in today's discussion!

The benefit to using different translations when studying the Bible Part 11

If you go to a bookstore to select a Bible, you’ll find you’re inundated with a multitude of translations from which to choose.

Practical tools to bring clarity to often misunderstood Bible passages Part 12

Ever come across a passage in the Bible that just doesn’t make sense? Let's look at Matthew 18, verses 19 and 20.

Let’s look at what they call “hot passages” in the Bible Part 13

It’s important to know the context of a Bible verse before jumping to conclusions about what it means. It’s an important dialogue on the accurate interpretation of God’s Word.

Want to take your study of God’s Word to a deeper level? Part 14

You don’t need to spend years at a seminary or Bible college to understand the Bible. Discover practical tools for interpreting Scripture.

The steps laid out by Jesus, that lead to the restoration of a broken relationship Part 15

Confronting a friend or family member isn’t easy! Perhaps there’s a fractured friendship in need of repair.