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Discover the wealth we have in Jesus!

Most of us will never hold a million dollars in our hands. Yet there are priceless treasures we can possess in the here and now! Let's explain why it’s better to pursue the riches of Christ, instead of chasing after the temporary resources of the world.

What does it means to be well-off financially and still follow Christ?

Is the decision to serve money over God a choice we make with our wallets, or is it a decision we make with our hearts?

How to put our possessions in their proper place

Most of us would deny ever making a conscious decision to serve money. But the choice to place our possessions over Christ is subtle, and common! Let's look at Jesus' teaching on loyalty.

Discover how to make sense of the metaphors in the Sermon on the Mount

A strong illustration can take a good sermon, and turn it into a truly powerful message! Explore the word pictures Jesus used to enhance His teachings.

Let’s take an honest look at what Jesus had to say about money and possessions

Some people claim that God wants everyone to be rich, healthy, and happy. But a closer look at Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount shows that assumption is off base.

Are earthly treasures worth the cost?

Savvy business owners rely on a cost-to-benefit ratio to make a profit. If the rewards of a certain investment don’t exceed the costs, it’s just not worth it! Let's put that same principle to work for our spiritual investments.

Discover the wise financial advice Jesus gave His followers

Whether it’s a fire, thieves, or a stock market crash, our earthly wealth can be destroyed in an instant. That’s why Jesus encourages us to put our treasure somewhere truly safe! Hear timely teaching from the Sermon on the Mount.

Direction on how to keep our finances in proper perspective

When improperly used, money can take center stage in our lives, and assume a role only God can fill. Let's look at Luke chapter 16 for guidance on how to keep our finances in proper perspective.

Do you need help getting a better handle on financial priorities?

Sometimes it feels like our lives revolve around money. But when we study Jesus’ teaching on our finances, we learn to put money in its proper perspective.

Discover what Jesus taught about money and stewardship

Jesus often used parables to teach lessons on faith and life. Let's listen to a dramatic interpretation of Jesus’ story on the shrewd manager.

Encouragement To Cultivate Generosity, In Good Seasons And Bad

When the economy is under severe strain, and families are struggling to make ends meet, it’s tempting to focus on taking care of ourselves and overlook the needs of those around us.

A Challenge For Us To Cultivate An Attitude Of Giving

It’s rare to see someone graciously give to others regardless of their own financial situation.

How The Income We Earn Could Equip Us To Help Others

Our culture is me-centric. Focusing on what will make me more money and give me more prominence. But those who follow God are called to have a different outlook on life.

Let's Continue A Helpful Study On The Theology Of Work

Whether you’re a full-time professional, or a stay-at-home mom, your perspective on work matters to God! Find practical help if you’re unemployed right now, and are looking for your next assignment.

Discover The Truth About God’s Grace And Mercy

No matter where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, God is waiting with open arms for you to come back home to Him. Find encouragement in a special commentary on Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son.