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Looking At The Dissatisfaction That Comes From Coveting

The accumulation of possessions and wealth rarely leaves a person satisfied. Often they continue wanting just a little bit more. Perhaps you find yourself unhappy with what you have right now.

What Followers Of God Can Do To Keep Their “wants” From Becoming Obsessions

In a materialistic culture that calls for “bigger and better,” it’s difficult finding contentment with the deluge of options we’re presented.

Taming The Green-eyed Monster That Lurks In Each Of Our Hearts

When envy strikes, it lays hold of our contentment and brings us no peace. Perhaps someone else received the promotion you wanted. Or a friend is successfully using her talents while you’re struggling to figure out if you have any talents at all.

Discover How Covetousness Is At The Heart Of Materialism

Each of us has an innate desire to acquire more and more stuff, to satisfy a longing in our hearts. And if we’re not careful, we can take those desires too far.

Enjoy An Inspirational Day Devoted To Scripture

Scripture is the centerpiece of ministry. Open God’s Word and discuss, challenge, and apply a passage.

Discover A New Perspective On God’s Grace

Focus in on a topic that’ll change the rest of your life. It’s the free gift of salvation. Discover that though salvation is free, it isn’t easy. And it isn’t cheap.

Can Jesus’ Words To The Rich Man Really Be For Us?

If you spend time reading the Bible, you know that the commands and wisdom can be directly applied to us today. But what should we do when we read Jesus’ words to the rich man . . . sell all your possessions, give to the poor and follow me?

Discover A New Perspective On Wealth

In our culture, there are widely held ideas of wealth and poverty. But in God’s economy, riches aren’t measured in stock market numbers or in the square footage of your home. Spiritually speaking, abundance comes in the form of joy, peace and the kingdom of heaven.

Discover The Connection Between Poverty And The Kingdom Of Heaven

Jesus said, Blessed are the poor because theirs is the kingdom of heaven. But what does that mean to our generation? How can we reconcile Jesus’ words with our money-hungry culture?

The Differences Between Material And Spiritual Wealth And Sharing Our Riches With Others

Our culture praises those who have accumulated wealth and prestige, but in God’s economy, money is looked on very differently.

Will You Follow God, Or Turn Your Back On Him?

Each of us has a choice to make, and the result of this decision will affect us in this life and the next! Discover all you need to make this all-important decision.

Rediscover The Powerful Truths Presented In Scripture

For those of us who’ve grown up in the church, it can be easy to think we’ve learned all we can from the Bible.

What It Takes And Doesn’t Take To Get Into Heaven

Some people seem to have it all together, but what about one minute after they die?

What Do You Do When You See Someone The World Considers An Outcast?

Part of our mandate as followers of God is to love the unlovely. A discussion on this important and sensitive topic.

Are You Putting Too Much Stock In What Others Think Of You?

The Bible says that people look at outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Let's take part in a dramatic rendering of one of Jesus’ parables.