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An Invitation To Trust In The One True God

Fear is debilitating. It can turn a strong man into a cowering child. So, how do we stand tall when fear overcomes us? Only God can enable us to withstand the forces of fear.

There’s More To Moses’ Story Than Meets The Eye

Some passages in Scripture appear to be clear-cut . . . but looking deeper into the text reveals a truth you didn’t see at first glance!

Would You Like A Life That’s Full Of Purpose And Meaning?

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a corporate executive, we all want to do something that matters. Let's look at a familiar biblical giant. Moses was a man who was willing to go to great lengths to follow his true calling.


Let’s Look Toward Our Permanent Home With God

Have you ever felt that indescribable longing for home? It may come when you’re in a crowded room, or all alone in your car . . . the craving deep down to be in a familiar setting with those you love.

Look To Scripture To Offer Solace To Those Undergoing Difficult Times

Some people assume that once you become a Christian, all your worries and problems disappear. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case! The storms of life affect us all, but for those who trust in God . . . there’s a safe harbor of hope.

A Lively Discussion On Choosing To Follow God Or Follow The World

While many of our choices have little to no effect on our daily lives, others impact us in immense ways.

When God Calls You To Follow Him, What Will Your Answer Be?

Some choices we make are so minute they don’t affect our daily lives at all. Others have a chain effect . . . not only on our life, but the lives of our family and friends. A look at the most important decision of all.