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Ruth’s profound commitment when she chooses to receive Naomi’s God as her own Part 21

Let's continue an in-depth study in the book of Ruth. We’ll see how uncommon it was in the Old Testament for foreigners to embrace the one true God.

Ruth’s commitment to Naomi and the deep impact it would have on her life Part 22

Imagine moving to another country. You don’t know the language. You don’t know the customs and traditions. You’re leaving all that’s familiar behind.

God’s plan can emerge, even out of our lowest points of disappointment Part 26

When life has dealt blow after difficult blow, sometimes we wonder if God has deserted us. That’s where we find the Old Testament character, Naomi, when we pick up our study in the book of Ruth.

Finding hope that God can work mightily, even in the difficult seasons Part 27

When the storms of life rage around you, and there’s no end in sight, how do you hold on to hope? Enjoy Naomi's plight portrayed in a special dramatization.

God’s good intentions can easily be misinterpreted when times are tough Part 28

When life doesn’t turn out the way we expect, we can grow discouraged and disillusioned, and sometimes, there’s no relief or hope in sight.

Bringing a colorful moment to life from the book of Ruth Part 29

When we read a familiar passage of Scripture, sometimes we miss important details because we’ve heard it so many times before. You’re invited to spend time with us, as we re-engage in the book of Ruth.

Important disciplines for understanding God’s Word Part 30

The Bible contains a variety of literary devices such as poetry, history and personal letters. And we can sometimes misinterpret what we’re reading, if we don’t pay careful attention to the context.

Underlying reasons why Ruth chose to join Naomi in a foreign land Part 31

It’s not easy leaving the familiar, and stepping into the unknown! Perhaps you’ve been called to step out in faith in your own life.

Look at the life of Naomi and find hope, even in our darkest hour Part 32

When you’re going through a difficult season, and you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s tempting to retreat, and give in to despair.

An engaging discussion about generosity Part 3

When you see someone on the street who’s obviously homeless, and without a meal for the day, what goes through your heart and mind? A convicting question, and one that deserves our attention.

Practical tools for developing a lifestyle of giving Part 4

The work that we do, and money we earn, serves a purpose in the kingdom of God. When God has given generously to us, it’s so we can be generous with others.

Discover the importance of cultivating a life of generosity Part 5

Do you know a family that’s struggling right now? So many have lost jobs in recent months. Perhaps you know someone who could use a helping hand. Let's take a practical look at giving.

Cultivating a spirit of generosity Part 6

Generosity isn’t relegated to how big your checking account has become. It isn’t what you have that makes the difference, it’s what other people don’t have, and you have an opportunity to help them.

Gain a new perspective on your life as we study the book of Ruth Part 9

When you’re in the thick of the struggle, it’s not easy to anticipate a positive outcome. But in retrospect, often we can see where God took a seemingly bad situation, and turned it into something good.

A closer look at the interactions Boaz had with those who worked for him Part 20

The service industry is often a thankless job. Whether you’re waiting in line at McDonald’s, or you’re calling a customer service line to report an issue, how you treat those who provide services for you reveals character.