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Discover the source of the daily wisdom we need in the book of Proverbs

Whether we’re faced with decisions at work, or resolving issues in our home, we all could use a little wisdom! Let's discuss a “go to” place for biblical insight, found in the book of Proverbs.

A fresh perspective on the identity of the Proverbs 31 woman

Proverbs 31 is often referenced as a great example of a godly woman. But could this chapter be a model for both women and men? Discover why this passage is applicable to everyone.

Discover how our lives fit into God’s grand, unfolding plan

It’s part of our nature to narrow our focus onto ourselves. But if we take a step back, we’ll be able to see what God is doing on a wider scale! Let's complete our study on the life of Jacob.

Continuing our series on Jacob, and discovering how God is for us!

Ever felt like you and the Lord were going toe-to-toe over an issue in your life? Let's study Genesis chapter 32 and Jacob’s wrestling match with God. We’ll discover that God is not against us, but rather, He’s for us!

Discover who God chooses to be part of His family

The more we discover who the Old Testament character of Jacob was, the more we may wonder why God would ever want to be associated with such a person, let alone have a relationship with him! We’re getting to know “The God of Jacob.”

Managing our inner struggles with the Lord

It was the most lopsided fight in human history. Did Jacob actually believe he had a chance against the God of the universe? Let's talk about wrestling with God. We’ll learn from Jacob’s example how to manage our own inner struggles with the Lord.

Let's lean on the promise of mercy

The Bible warns us, “You reap what you sow.” The Old Testament character, Jacob, planted quite a few destructive seeds within his family. The result of which should have been a harvest of pain. Discover how Jacob received what he didn’t deserve, an outpouring of God’s grace!

God’s mysterious way of working out His amazing plan!

We know that God has a plan for us. But how He accomplishes that plan can often leave us scratching our heads! If the life of Jacob tells us anything, it’s that those confusing events are all part of God’s amazing plan!

Let’s look at how Jesus summarized everything written in the Old Testament!

It took the entire Old Testament to include all the writings of the Law and the prophets. But is it possible to condense all that wisdom into one simple statement? A look at “The Golden Rule.”

Looking at God’s plan of salvation throughout the Old and New Testaments

Salvation through Jesus isn’t limited to modern believers, it’s for all people in all generations! Let's help bridge the gap between the Old and New Testaments by looking at God’s plan of salvation throughout the entire Bible.

Let’s take another look at God’s incredible grace and forgiveness

It’s hard to believe that a perfect God would accept us solely on the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Can it really be that easy?

How do we go about earning our way into God’s favor?

Let's get back to the basics of faith with a story of two very different men who had a meeting with the Lord.

Old Testament Law in the life of New Testament Christians

As followers of Christ, we’re not under the law, but under grace. So do the commandments in the Old Testament have any relevance for us today?

Discover Old Testament rules in light of Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount

The Ten Commandments aren’t an ancient list of rules we can ignore. According to the “Discover the Word” team—they are a standard and a goal we should be reaching for.

Discover how the Old and New Testaments teach us about our relationship with God and others

When we see the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, we might assume the Old Testament is obsolete. Find out why the "Discover the Word" Team suggests that’s not the case!