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Let’s take an honest look at the expectations we have of God

We all have assumptions about how God should work in a given situation. But so often God doesn’t work in the ways we expect! Don’t miss this helpful discussion.

The need for caution, so we don’t get wrapped up in assumptions that never materialize

We all have assumptions about God’s will for our lives. Perhaps you’re holding on to a promise from Scripture, anticipating circumstances to turn out a certain way.

Let’s take a fresh look at Ruth chapter three by examining the historical and cultural context

If you’ve ever traveled to another country, you’ve likely admired the customs that differ from our own.

Look at Ruth’s life to see what courageous faith looks like when uncertainty stands in our way

Expressing our faith doesn’t mean we blindly follow God. Faith is exercising trust in Him when faced with the unknown.

Is there something you’re up against, and you need to know which path to take?

Are you facing a tough decision today? Character greatly influences the way we make decisions.

Discover tools people use to help them make good decisions

When you’re faced with an ethical decision, how do you go about making the right choice? Don’t miss the helpful discussion.

A timely reminder on the importance of context in understanding Scripture

If we’re not careful, we can misconstrue passages of the Bible, and completely miss the lesson God wants to teach us!

Gain insight into what it means to love others, and to trust God

Just like those who lived in Old Testament times, we live in a fallen world. Study the book of Ruth for insight into what it means to love others, and to trust God in the twenty-first century.

Looking at the cost of integrity; is it worth the effort?

Choosing to follow God isn’t always easy. Sometimes there’s a price tag for doing the right thing.

A fascinating look at the unlikely love story in the book of Ruth

When you’re planning your wedding, the last thing you want is for your fiancé to have second thoughts! Join in another thought-provoking discussion.

When we study the biblical text in its cultural context we get a very different view

We’re tempted to look at the story of Ruth and Boaz through twenty-first-century eyes. And as a result, we see a story filled with romance.

What it means to love others without using that love for your own gain

The love a parent has for his or her child is just one example of the sacrificial, loyal love known in the Bible as hesed.

Loyal, selfless love and what it looks like in our own lives

Do you know someone who reflects a loyal love in his or her interactions with others? The biblical term "hesed," is a dynamic word for loyal, selfless love.

An unconventional marriage proposal and how God works in unexpected ways

Some of the messages in the Bible seem counter-intuitive to us in the twenty-first century, but God’s prescription always works!

Look at an Old Testament marriage proposal with a twist!

He gets down on one knee, she says yes, and they live happily ever after. While every proposal is unique, they typically follow a common pattern.