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Discover God’s Will For Your Bank Account

The Bible has a lot to say about wealth and possessions. What’s important isn’t just how we use the money we have, it’s our attitude about accumulating riches.

A Candid Conversation About Money And Its Effects On Our Lives

The Bible claims that the love of money is the root of all evil. So if we’re obsessed with the accumulation of wealth, what kind of life will we have?

Realizing That Only An Authentic Reliance Upon God Truly Satisfies

Our culture worships the role of money in our lives, to the point where it becomes the highest priority to have more, more, and more. Encouragement for us to re-examine our priorities.

Outward Signs That Reveal Envy In Our Hearts And Challenge Us To Examine Our Attitudes

Covetousness is a sin we often don’t see. Jealousy is an attitude of our hearts. and challenge us to examine our attitudes.

What Happens When We Focus On Things We Don’t Have, And Don’t Need?

There’s something in our human nature that says if my neighbor has it, I want it! Why does the grass always appear greener in someone else’s yard? Do you find that you're deeply dissatisfied?

Bringing The Tenth Commandment, “you Shall Not Covet,” Right Into Our Homes

Take a look in your garage, wade through the stuff in your closets, what are you holding on to that could serve its purpose elsewhere? Perhaps it’s time for a little spring cleaning at your house!

The Desires Of Our Heart And Staying Focused On What Really Matters

Where are your priorities right now? Are you focused on things that have eternal value? Or are the tangibles, finances, jobs, stuff, vying for your attention?

An Important Discussion About The Difficulties Of Serving Two Masters

There are only so many hours in a day. And when we have multiple things vying for our attention, it’s not always easy to say yes to one, and let the others go by.

A Prescription For Overcoming Worry

So many of us are prone to worry. We churn over our kids, our jobs, and our future. Let's look at Matthew 6, verse 24. Perhaps you’ve been anxious lately.

Look To Scripture And Find Reassurance That God Will Meet Your Every Need

When it comes down to it, too much of our time is spent worrying about our daily needs. Keeping food on the table, clothes on our backs, and putting fuel in the gas tank.

Look At The Life Of Paul, A Man Who Appeared To Have It All Together, But Needed God’s Grace

No matter how hard we try, how perfect our life seems to appear, we all fall short of the mark.

How God Can And Will Meet Our Deepest Longings

There’s a deep hunger in our souls that can’t be satisfied by material possessions or even by the people we love. Feel like nothing will fill the void in your life?

The Importance Of Keeping A Godly Perspective On Wealth

Do we own possessions? Or do our possessions own us? Part of an in-depth study on the tenth commandment, “Thou shall not covet.”

The Story Of A Man Who Sets His Sights On More, And Ends Up Losing Everything

How much wealth does a man need? How much influence or respect? Is there a limit to the things we crave? An important message on the realities of greed.

What Does It Mean To Have Freedom In Relationships?

Do we have permission to do or say anything we want? What kind of boundaries need to be set? Engage in a lively discussion about relationships.