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The Danger Of Leaving God Out Of Our Prayers

Discover what our prayers reveal about us in light of the tenth commandment: “Don’t covet.”

Using The Lord's Prayer To Deal With Covetousness

Jesus said, "You cannot serve God and money" (Luke 16:13).

What are the implications of that statement?

PURPOSE: To help listeners see how their prayers reflect what they really want in life.

Jesus said, "You cannot serve God and money" (Luke 16:13).

"give Me Neither Poverty Nor Riches"

Do you ever struggle with prayer? What is the nature of the struggle?

One struggle is that we end up praying platitudes. How do you get rid of that? How do you stop that?

PURPOSE: To help listeners focus on praying about being delivered from covetousness.

Do you ever struggle with prayer? What is the nature of the struggle?

People Of Great Faith And Times Of Great Doubt

Have you ever known anyone who was afflicted with doubt? What kind of person was it? Where did they come from?

PURPOSE: To help listeners appreciate that doubt arises when what we believe about God and know about life do not seem to match.

Have you ever known anyone who was afflicted with doubt? What kind of person was it? Where did they come from?

How To Deal With Questions And Doubts

Do you think it is a good practice when you're wrestling with doubts to take your doubts and questions to God in prayer?

PURPOSE: To help listeners understand that believing God is not always easy.

Do you think it is a good practice when you're wrestling with doubts to take your doubts and questions to God in prayer?

An Easy To Follow Guide On Enriching Your Prayer Life

Have you ever felt that you have been "used" by someone? What happened? How did you feel? Do you think it is possible for us to "use" God?

How To Keep Your Prayer Life Fresh And Vital

The Bible says of Enoch and Noah that they walked with God. We are trying to unpack what that image meant for them and what it means for us. We have said that walking with God has a sense of intimacy and relationship. That intimacy grows as we...

The Book Of Hebrews And Our Merciful Lord

Was there ever a time as a child when you had done something wrong and you avoided being around your parents? What is true for us as children can also be true for us with God.

An Insightful Discussion On Prayer

Communication is key to building relationships. So how often do you talk to God? Once a day? Maybe a couple times a week? Finding it hard to talk to God on a regular basis? You’ll enjoy this special edition of “Discover the Word” with Philip Yancey.

A Practical Look At Prayer

It’s easy to get in the habit of praying when we want something from God. Almost like we’re presenting Him with a Christmas wish list. Is there more to prayer than a shopping list of requests?

The God-given Differences In Prayer

We have a natural tendency to compare ourselves to others. And sometimes that filters into our spiritual lives . . . “She’s more involved at church than I am. . . He doesn’t give as much as I do” . . . etcetera.  Feeling pressure to follow the crowd?

An Authentic Discussion On Petitioning God In Times Of Great Need

It’s difficult to wait for God to answer our heartfelt prayers. And when they seem to go unanswered . . . it’s downright troubling. Haven’t received the answer you’re looking for from God?

How To Have A Natural, Honest Conversation With God

Think of a conversation you’ve had with a close friend or loved one . . . what characteristics do you see? Were you laughing together, arguing over something, discussing the details of your day? Having difficulty with your prayer life? 

The Importance Of Having An Open Dialogue With God Part 39

It’s tempting to pray so that others will be impressed with your spiritual depth. But the kind of prayer that God hears . . . and responds to . . . is that of an honest, transparent heart. A refreshing discussion on prayer.

Overcoming Barriers To Prayer Part 40

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector, Part 40 of 44

TEXT: "Also [Jesus] spoke this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others: 'Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, "God,…

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