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Discover your place of refuge

Ever wished you had a secret place you could run to, in order to escape the chaos of life? Or to simply catch your breath? Well, discover that such a place exists, and is waiting for you!

Discover who God chooses to be part of His family

The more we discover who the Old Testament character of Jacob was, the more we may wonder why God would ever want to be associated with such a person, let alone have a relationship with him! We’re getting to know “The God of Jacob.”

Discover how a self-centered prayer can turn into a step of faith!

Caught with no way out, many people have tried to bargain with God. “Lord, if you help me right now, I’ll turn my life around!” But does God ever answer those types of prayers? Let's discuss Jacob’s negotiation with God.

How to love those we disagree with

It’s a little easier to extend grace to those who share our beliefs. But accepting those who think or act differently than us is far more difficult! How God’s grace can bridge that gap.

Robert Gelinas on Discover the Word

This week and next on Discover the Word, pastor and author Robert Gelinas is joining Elisa and Mart. Robert is Lead Pastor of Colorado Community Church, a multicultural, interdenominational mission in the Mile High City, and author of The Mercy Prayer. Here is a short video from Robert about Discover the Word:


The group will look at the subject of prayer specifically…

How Jesus answered the prayer of a blind man in an unexpected way

Faced with a difficult problem, we analyze all the possible solutions and formulate how to achieve the best result. But God has a habit of working outside our confined expectations! We’re studying Mark chapter 8.

How God’s silence may be part of a bigger and better purpose

Ever feel like your prayers never make it past the ceiling? Maybe you’re wondering if God is even paying attention when you try to talk with Him. More from our study in Matthew chapter 15.

Let’s look at how Jesus summarized everything written in the Old Testament!

It took the entire Old Testament to include all the writings of the Law and the prophets. But is it possible to condense all that wisdom into one simple statement? A look at “The Golden Rule.”

Discover the motivation behind Jesus’ command to “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you”

Many people claim to live by “The Golden Rule.” But according to Haddon Robinson, it’s likely they’re following what he calls “The Silver Rule” instead!

Discover the value of persistent prayer

There are days when it feels like our prayers never make it past the ceiling, and our patience starts to run thin. When talking with God becomes difficult, we need to take a lesson from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Why we should be persistent in prayer

It can be discouraging to continually bring a need to God, only to have that request go unanswered. Some may even question why we should keep praying at all. More from our study in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Why unanswered prayers may be the very thing we actually need

Even though we love our kids, as parents we’re smart enough not to give our children everything they ask for! When it comes to prayer, our heavenly Father has a similar practice. A biblical perspective on prayer.

Discover why perseverance is so important when it comes to prayer!

It can be annoying when kids pester us with the same questions over and over again. But our heavenly Father welcomes such tenacious persistence from His children! An insightful lesson from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus’ claims about prayer in context of the entire Sermon on the Mount

Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.” So why do some prayers seem to go unanswered? Will we receive everything we ask for?

Jesus' Blueprint for Prayer

Listen to Haddon talk about being thankful for God's provision. It's part of his narration of his popular "Jesus' Blueprint for Prayer" Discovery Series booklet from RBC Ministries. Following are the 10 parts to "Jesus' Blueprint for Prayer": (To listen, please select the links.)

  1. Introduction
  2. God's Paternity
  3. God's Person
  4. God's Program
  5. God's Purpose
  6. God's Provision
  7. God's Pardon
  8. God's Protection
  9. God's Preeminence
  10. Why do we pray?