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A Helpful Discussion On Living Out Your Faith

For some, the Christian life is a long, exhausting to-do list, for others, it’s a walk in the park, with no additional effort needed. So how do we find a balance?

Finding The Balance Between Faith And Works

What does the spiritual life look like? Is it a list of rules and regulations? Is it total freedom to say and do whatever we please?

Find Out Why We All Desperately Need A Relationship With God!

For the person who’s messed up big time in life, God’s grace provides relief and forgiveness. But what about the person who hasn’t made any major mistakes and has done everything to abide by the rules?

The Danger Of Turning Your Faith Into A Performance For Others

Ever feel like you’re just going through the motions of faith? Just going down your spiritual “to-do list”?

Let’s Tackle Some Of The Tough Issues Of Faith

Following God isn’t always easy. At times it feels like the facts of your faith collide with the facts of your life. Maybe you’re struggling with some tough questions right now, and can’t seem to find the answers.

What Does It Take To Embrace The Life Of Faith And Follow Jesus?

Not everyone has a dramatic conversion. You may be thinking your redemption story isn’t all that spectacular.

Taking A Look At God’s Remarkable Forgiveness

When someone has hurt us, it isn’t always easy to forgive. And yet God extends us His grace and forgiveness every single day.

Faith Is A Matter Of The Head And The Heart

Everyone believes something about God, even if they choose not to believe in Him. What we believe about God governs our actions and thoughts.

Find Freedom From Carrying The Load Yourself

Many well-meaning people work overtime to earn God’s favor . . . trying hard to be a “good Christian.” A challenge to release yourselves into God’s care rather than carrying the load all on your own.

A Refreshing Discussion That Quells The Fear About Death And Dying

Think you’re not good enough to earn God’s love? The truth is . . . none of us is good enough! It’s only the grace of God that gives us any hope beyond the grave.

One Of Jesus’ Most Profound Anecdotes On Life

We never outgrow our need for God. No matter how good we think we are, we’ve all fallen short of God’s standard. Need a dose of encouragement?

How To Resolve The Problem Of “when Being Good Is Not Good Enough”

No matter how much we put in the offering plate on Sunday, or how engaged we are in church activities, we still fall short of God’s perfect standard.

Exploring The Root Of Our Salvation

Too often our emotions get the better of us . . . and overpower our spiritual walk. We feel close to God one day . . . and far away the next. But the hope we have in Christ doesn’t depend on our moment-to-moment feelings.

A Revealing Conversation About What’s Required To Get Into Heaven

Perfection. It’s the ultimate standard to get into heaven. And yet, no matter how good we are or how hard we work, we’ll never hit the mark. Find out why being good just isn’t good enough.

What If Being Good Isn’t Good Enough?

Most of us would consider ourselves good people. We don’t beat our kids, we pay our taxes, we go to church on Sunday . . . Ever wondered if you’re missing the mark?