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Forgiveness is costly, but not forgiving can cost even more

It’s not easy to forgive someone who’s violated your relationship. Let's conclude our discussion on forgiveness.

Let’s talk about forgiveness and boundaries

It’s one thing to forgive someone for the hurt they’ve caused, but if the offender puts you, or your loved ones, in an unsafe position, that’s an entirely different story.

Discover the most appropriate response of a truly forgiven person

Forgiveness is a fundamental expression of the Christian faith. We’ll be reminded that the most appropriate response of a truly forgiven person is to extend forgiveness to others!

Discover the biblical mandate of mercy

Sometimes it’s painful to grant forgiveness. Perhaps you’ve struggled to forgive someone who’s deeply hurt you or a loved one.

Forgiving someone who hasn’t repented

Some mistakes are so awful, so egregious, forgiveness seems out of the question. Alice Mathews shares a personal tragedy, and raises some tough questions about forgiving someone who hasn’t repented.

Discover the power in the loving, forgiving life of a follower of Christ

It’s not uncommon, when we’ve been hurt, to respond by lashing out, to crave retribution for the pain that’s been caused. But God says there’s a better way.

How to find freedom from bitterness in hurtful situations

What happens when someone has wounded you deeply, and you’ve confronted them, but they won’t acknowledge the pain they’ve caused?

How repentance plays a key role in our ability to forgive

Is forgiveness unconditional? Join the “Discover the Word” team along with a special guest, as they discuss the timely topic of repentance and forgiveness.

Experiencing Christ’s forgiveness and extending it to others

There are times when forgiveness seems impossible. You may be in a fractured relationship right now, unsure if things can be mended.

Discover the importance of repenting when we’re wrong, and forgiving when we’ve been wronged

Within the church family, there’s potential for deep love, and deep pain.

In order to understand forgiveness we need to be clear about what is, and is not sin

In Luke chapter seventeen, verse four, Jesus says if someone sins against you, and repents, you’re to forgive them.

Helpful tools for releasing resentment and offering true forgiveness

Resentment is an inevitable part of being wounded by someone’s words or actions. And if we don’t release that resentment, we’ll wind up hurting ourselves even more!

Where do consequences come into the process of forgiveness?

Even when we’ve forgiven someone for hurting us, it’s not always easy to forget the pain that was caused. Perhaps you’re struggling to mend a broken relationship right now.

What it means to forgive, and moving forward with a restored relationship

It’s pretty amazing that God forgives us, no matter where we’ve been, or what we’ve done!

Discover the positive effect of developing the habit of forgiveness

Did you know that when we forgive others, we reflect the forgiveness God bestows on each of us? Discover the positive effect the habit of forgiveness has on us!