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How The Involuntary Responses We Have Reveal Attitudes In Our Heart

If you’ve ever overreacted to something, and regretted it later, you’ve probably spent some time trying to figure out why you lost control.

Discover The Difference Between Our Attitudes And Actions, And How They Affect Our Relationship With God

It’s the matters of the heart, the stuff no one else sees, that are most important to God.

Discover The Hope We Have In Christ, No Matter How Far We’ve Fallen

 None of us is perfect, and there are times when each of us betray our Savior in one way or another. An important discussion about the Last Supper.

Where Do You Turn When The Road Seems Long And Life Is Difficult?

An important reminder on Whom to keep our focus during those trying times.

Look At Paul's Life To See What It Takes To Finish Well

We often start the life of faith with gusto, nothing can hold us back. But as the years roll on and circumstances take their toll sometimes we lose our youthful zeal.

Do You Need Some Fresh Wind In Your Sails?

It’s common for people to give up on their faith because of disillusionment, unmet expectations, or simply fatigue. Encouragement to hang in there when times get tough and you’re runnin’ out of energy!

Staying On Course When The Journey Of Faith Gets Difficult

Whether you’re just starting the journey of faith, or you’ve been on the road a long time, you know it’s not always easy to stay on course when circumstances get difficult. Encouragement for those starting to veer off course.

Staying In The Race Of Faith, Even When The Excitement Has Dwindled

Most of us know what it’s like to feel trapped in the mundane, to see the Christian life as routine.

Discover What It Takes To Stay In The Race Of Faith To The Finish Line

The life of faith is often compared to a long distance race. It’s a marathon, of sorts, marked by endurance.

The Obscure And Trivial Things That Keep Us From A Vibrant Life Of Faith

Is there something that’s taken first place in your life? Something other than believing God and the truth of His Word?

The Different Attitudes That Hinder Us From Being Fully Used By God

Every one of us has quirks, unique personality traits that define us. And sometimes, those issues get in the way of a productive and healthy life.

Discover What Keeps Us From Leading A Life Pleasing To God

Each of us have sins that hinder us from running the race of life. Perhaps it’s a negative attitude, or a habit you just can’t seem to break. Let's take the challenge to seriously look at our own lives.

Practical Tools To Keep God At The Center Of Our Busy Lives

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, the deadlines and schedules. And too often we forget to stop and focus our attention on God.

What It Means To Run The Race Of Faith And To Run It Well

Just as a runner prepares for a marathon, followers of God must prepare for the race of faith.

What It Means To Run The Good Race Of Faith

When you’re running a marathon you keep your eyes forward, fixed on the finish line. Well, in the footrace of life, that finish line is Jesus!