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Discover The Truth About God’s Grace And Mercy Part 31

No matter where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, God is waiting with open arms for you to come back home to Him. Find encouragement in a special commentary on Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son.

Finding Comfort In Our Heavenly Father’s Abiding Love For Those Who Stray Part 32

As parents, we know the heartache that comes when a child has chosen the wrong path. Whether they’ve walked away from the faith, or are simply making poor choices, we long for them to return to the safety of our home.

What Does True Repentance Look Like? Part 33

It’s not easy owning up to our mistakes. Instead, we’re prone to give excuses for the poor choices we’ve made. An insightful look at Jesus’ parable about the prodigal son.

An Insightful Look At The Power Of Grace Part 35

In this world, we’re told there’s no such thing as a free lunch! You have to work hard to earn what you acquire in life. God’s grace cannot be earned. Instead, it’s given freely to us.

God Has The Greatest Reason To Celebrate, When One Of His Children Repents And Comes Home! Part 38

We enjoy celebrating special occasions and accomplishments, such as anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. But what about when someone repents and comes home?

What is the relationship between repenting and forgiveness? Part 12

Whether you’re hurting from a loved one’s poor decision, or you need to approach someone and admit your own fault, restoring broken relationships is hardly ever easy. Discover practical tools for your day.

Discover the process of healing relationships and the need for confession Part 13

When someone truly repents, it involves a verbal confession emerging from a changed mind and heart. Let's walk through the process of healing relationships with an eye-opening look at the need for confession.

The importance of forgiveness and the danger in refusing to forgive Part 16

We all influence one another by what we say and how we act. And if we’re not careful, our actions can even cause someone to drift away from God!

Discover the positive effect of developing the habit of forgiveness Part 17

Did you know that when we forgive others, we reflect the forgiveness God bestows on each of us? Discover the positive effect the habit of forgiveness has on us!

What it means to forgive, and moving forward with a restored relationship Part 18

It’s pretty amazing that God forgives us, no matter where we’ve been, or what we’ve done!

Where do consequences come into the process of forgiveness? Part 19

Even when we’ve forgiven someone for hurting us, it’s not always easy to forget the pain that was caused. Perhaps you’re struggling to mend a broken relationship right now.

Helpful tools for releasing resentment and offering true forgiveness Part 20

Resentment is an inevitable part of being wounded by someone’s words or actions. And if we don’t release that resentment, we’ll wind up hurting ourselves even more!

In order to understand forgiveness we need to be clear about what is, and is not sin Part 23

In Luke chapter seventeen, verse four, Jesus says if someone sins against you, and repents, you’re to forgive them.

Discover the importance of repenting when we’re wrong, and forgiving when we’ve been wronged Part 24

Within the church family, there’s potential for deep love, and deep pain.

Experiencing Christ’s forgiveness and extending it to others Part 25

There are times when forgiveness seems impossible. You may be in a fractured relationship right now, unsure if things can be mended.