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The Legitimate Fear Of Death And How God's Resurrection Power Can Bring Peace & Joy

Dealing with the fear of death and God's resurrection power.

The Implications Of Believing In God’s Victory Over Death Part 77

Death is a source of fear for many people. It’s something none of us can avoid. And yet, Christ has conquered death! It’s a profound statement that deeply affects each of our lives.

Having A Hard Time Sharing Christ With Others? Part 78

For many of us, declaring our faith in front of an audience is a frightening prospect. In an unbelieving culture, it can be difficult to boldly share your beliefs. 


Understanding God's Plans For The Future Impacts How We Live Today

For many, the future seems uncertain . . . and we struggle just to make it through today. Having difficulty seeing what lies ahead? Can’t see past the daily grind?

Having The Hope Of A Place Better Than This World Could Ever Offer

It’s never easy to lose a loved one. But if that person is a follower of Christ, you have hope that they have moved on to an even better place. Is the best life the one after death?

Tony Dungy Talks About Drawing Strength From God Even Through Unthinkable Circumstances

It isn’t easy to bounce back when tragedy strikes your life. Super Bowl winning football coach, Tony Dungy's (pronounced DUN-gee), inspiring story reminds us that God is faithful and loving even during the most tragic times.

Discover The Importance Of The Crucifixion, And Your Walk Of Faith

Two thousand years ago, on a dismal morning, the heart and soul of Christianity was found dying on a hillside. It was at Calvary, on the cross, where Jesus bore our sins.

Look To The Scriptures For Solid Proof Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Some believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was manufactured. A fanciful concept, dreamed up by theologians.

Discover Ways To Share The Hope We Have In Christ With Everyone

As followers of God, we strive to communicate the gospel in a clear and truthful manner. But sometimes it’s difficult to connect with someone from a different background other than yours.

How Can Two People Witness The Same Event And Come Away With Completely Different Impressions? Part 1

One person may see the evidence of Christ and start believing in Him, while another sees the same evidence and turns away. Let's unravel this two-sided mystery.

The Lord’s Supper, And What Communion Represents To Followers Of God Part 8

If we’re not paying attention, it’s easy for us to let things lose their significance. Sometimes we go through the motions, for instance, and miss celebrating the transforming power of Christ’s death on the cross.

Fully Human, Fully God

As we celebrate our Lord's resurrection this month, Alice Mathews says that we are "Easter people living in a Good Friday world."  Discover what she means by that in this special message from an RBC Ministries chapel service in 2007.

Let's reflect on the event that changed history and can change your story forever

Are you transformed, past, present, and future, because of the death and resurrection of Jesus? As you prepare your heart for Easter Sunday, join us for a special Good Friday message from Haddon Robinson.

Let's look at the first Easter story from a fresh perspective Part 5

For those who’ve grown up in the church, the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection may have become overly familiar. Sometimes we forget the magnitude of His suffering on the cross! Let's help restore the awe of Easter. We’re talking about “Malchus.”

An insightful summary of the greatest book ever written Part 3

Remember writing book reports for school? The first question you always had to answer was, “What is this book about?” Find out what the Bible is all about.