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Listen to the book of Ruth

Discover the amazing ways God provided for a grieving and hopeless widow, her loyal "outsider" daughter-in-law, and a gracious man of integrity.

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Finding significance in the missing portions of Ruth’s story

Sometimes it’s what the author of a story doesn’t say, that leaves a lasting impact.

When looking back on your life, can you see the hand of God at work?

Sometimes decisions we make appear insignificant in the moment, but turn out to have great significance in the long run. Let's share an insightful discussion on the book of Ruth.

Gain insight into how God works in the lives of everyday, ordinary people

When you think of the story of Ruth in the Bible, the subject of prayer doesn’t typically come to mind. The blessings, or prayers in the story, offer insight into how God works in our lives.

Find out how God uses each of us in extraordinary ways

So often we think our lives are too ordinary to be used by God. If you’re a follower of God, your life has purpose! Find encouragement for today.

What theology means, and how it impacts our understanding of the book of Ruth

Each of us has a theology we live by. We have an opinion about who God is, or isn’t, what He does, or doesn’t, do.

The relevance of this small, but important, book in the Bible

According to the “Discover the Word” team, there’s a reason the book of Ruth was included in the Scriptures, and it’s not just to add a little romance to the Old Testament!

God uses all of us to accomplish His purposes

When you study the lineage of Jesus Christ in the Bible, you see a number of people included that just don’t seem to fit! Women such as Ruth from Moab, Rahab the prostitute, even King David who was an adulterer.

God’s doing mighty things in ordinary people, even when we don’t realize it!

So often we don’t see God’s hand working in the moment, but when we look back over the past months and years we can see He’s been active all along!

How the community of believers is called to support parents

It’s not easy raising kids! Especially when you don’t have a strong support system behind you. Let's study the book of Ruth and find guidance for the church today.

View a vignette of domestic life in ancient Israel when Ruth gives birth to a son

Baby showers are a celebration of life. An opportunity for family to gather around a new mother in anticipation of their little bundle of joy.

Welcoming those on the fringe into relationship

If you’ve ever been the new kid on the block, you know how difficult life can be as an outsider. A powerful reminder that Jesus Christ is the ultimate role model.

When we love others the way God loves us, we put their needs before our own

The Bible is filled with timeless truths, and examples of men and women living out their faith in daily life.

See God’s loyal love lived out in everyday life

The Hebrew term "hesed" isn’t something you hear every day. Yet, the principle behind the word holds incredible meaning for the follower of God. Look at contrasting characters in the book of Ruth.

Understanding what God’s loyal love looks like lived out in daily life

The Bible is full of incredible stories. But these narratives are more than mere fiction! The people in these stories are real, and teach us important lessons for our lives today.