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Knowing how to help others without offending them

Have you ever tried to help someone, only to have it backfire on you? Let's touch on the sensitive issue of knowing the appropriate time, and way, to help others without injuring their pride.

Discover what it means to have the “gift of helps”

Most of us are intentional about extending kindness to someone in their time of need. But some people have a special gift for helping others, and building them up.

Enjoy an illustration of what the Discover the Word team calls the “gift of helps”

If you’ve received help and encouragement from a friend or mentor, then you know firsthand how a kind word, or thoughtful gesture can impact a life.

What it means to have the gift of encouragement

Do you know someone who always offers an encouraging word? Or someone who’s always ready to lend a helping hand?

How God uses a surrendered life

When we turn our lives over to God’s saving grace, it changes the way we treat those we come into contact with. Timeless lessons from the book of Ruth.

Gain insight from the book of Ruth on how to interact with others

Our past experiences often cloud the way we view those around us. It’s not easy being objective when we meet someone new! A discussion on relationships.

An insightful look at the first encounter of Ruth and Boaz

Our character is often revealed in the way we treat men and women we meet, regardless of their station in life.

Have you transferred your issues with human authority over to God?

When we witness an abuse of power, it’s natural to question authority and be reserved in giving allegiance to those who lead us.

Receive powerful lessons for life from the book of Ruth

How we approach God is affected by the way we view Him. Is God your companion, your buddy, or the King over your life? Let's discuss our prayer life, and remember that God is on the throne!

Discover how culture and democracy shape our view of God and His Word

The culture you grew up in not only affects the way you view life, but it affects the way you read the Bible and respond to it.

A helpful lesson on respect in our relationships

How you treat people says a great deal about your character, and your relationship with God. Let's look at the interactions between Boaz, his employees, and Ruth.

Reflect on the patience and determination of Ruth and find practical application for your life

When someone you love has a need, you don’t sit passively by. Instead, you jump into action, determined to meet their need head on!

An insightful look into the character of Ruth

When we think of the word “patience,” we often picture someone who passively sits by waiting for something or someone. But when we look at the life of Ruth, we find that patience is active!

How is the Proverbs 31 woman misunderstood by our generation?

The Proverbs 31 woman is described as virtuous and noble. And in today’s culture, those terms could be misconstrued as meaning weak or passive.

Gain a whole new perspective on the life of Ruth

Proverbs chapter 31 describes the epitome of what a woman of noble character looks like. If you’re familiar with the chapter, you may be thinking it’s a standard no woman can reach! Enjoy a lively discussion!