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How to make the good news of God’s grace our own

The gospel of Jesus is good news indeed. But until it becomes your personal story, it remains simply a bold headline!

Let’s dig deeper into the gospel of Jesus, and the grace and forgiveness we find there

Well, here’s the bad news, we’re all sinners. Everyone has broken God’s law and deserves the appropriate consequences! But hang on, ’cause there’s good news as well!

Why we all need the grace and healing of the Savior

If your nose doesn’t run and your throat doesn’t itch, there’s no reason to see a doctor. It’s only when you know that you’re sick that you look for a remedy!

Discover the need for a Savior

According to the world’s standards, we may seem like decent people. But if we gauge ourselves according to Jesus’ standards, we’ll find we badly miss the mark! take a hard look at Jesus’ criteria for righteousness in the Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus’ illustration of two builders and the two very different houses they built

As a follower of Christ, you’re choosing to build your life upon God’s Word. And that likely means your life looks a little different from those who don’t follow the Lord. Take a seat at the study table.

Let’s look to Jesus for the blueprints on building a firm foundation for life

There are many things to build our lives around. But when the storms rage, will what we’ve built stand, or collapse? Another practical discussion.

The ideal way to wrap up any message!

A good preacher knows that you need a good start to a sermon, and a strong finish as well! Let's study how Jesus concluded His Sermon on the Mount.

Taking a thoughtful look at the different paths set before us, and how to choose the right one

In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus urged His followers to “enter through the narrow gate.” But what does that mean? A revealing look at Jesus’ meaningful metaphor from Matthew 7.

Let’s explore Jesus’ instruction about choosing the right path in life

Jesus said we have two doors open to us. One is wide and welcoming. The other is narrow and unassuming. Which do you choose? The answer may not be what you expect! More from the Sermon on the Mount.

Let’s look at how Jesus summarized everything written in the Old Testament!

It took the entire Old Testament to include all the writings of the Law and the prophets. But is it possible to condense all that wisdom into one simple statement? A look at “The Golden Rule.”

Discover the motivation behind Jesus’ command to “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you”

Many people claim to live by “The Golden Rule.” But according to Haddon Robinson, it’s likely they’re following what he calls “The Silver Rule” instead!

Discover the value of persistent prayer

There are days when it feels like our prayers never make it past the ceiling, and our patience starts to run thin. When talking with God becomes difficult, we need to take a lesson from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Why we should be persistent in prayer

It can be discouraging to continually bring a need to God, only to have that request go unanswered. Some may even question why we should keep praying at all. More from our study in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

Why unanswered prayers may be the very thing we actually need

Even though we love our kids, as parents we’re smart enough not to give our children everything they ask for! When it comes to prayer, our heavenly Father has a similar practice. A biblical perspective on prayer.

Discover why perseverance is so important when it comes to prayer!

It can be annoying when kids pester us with the same questions over and over again. But our heavenly Father welcomes such tenacious persistence from His children! An insightful lesson from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.