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Understanding the danger of criticizing others

In Matthew 7, Jesus tells a comical story about two men. One has a bit of dust in his eye. But the other guy is walking around with a giant log sticking out of his eyeball! Let's explore this humorous illustration to discover profound truth.

Practicing Jesus’ principle to “take the log out of our eye before we take the splinter out of another’s”!

It’s easy to point out the problems in someone else’s life, and turn a blind eye to the problems in our own.

Discover why condemnation, either of others or ourselves, is best left up to God

Maybe you don’t make a habit of criticizing others, but you’re quick to judge yourself!

See what God’s Word has to say on the subject of judging others

If you’ve been in relationship with an overly critical person you know how hurtful it can be to live under constant criticism. Let's examine how our judgments of others can turn around and harm us.

Discover why Jesus said that by judging others, we may be judging ourselves!

Often the reason we can pick out certain faults in others is because we struggle with those very same issues.

The biblical law of sowing and reaping when it comes to judging others

If you plant an apple tree, you expect to harvest apples in the future. In the same turn, if you sow seeds of judgment, chances are you’ll eventually receive criticism yourself!

Gain a clearer understanding of Jesus’ teachings on judgment

In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount He makes a bold statement that we are not to judge others unless we want to be judged in the same way. Let's take a deeper look at Jesus’ teachings on judgment.

A unique biblical perspective to help us see the Sermon on the Mount clearly!

Wear the wrong pair of glasses and everything appears fuzzy. But put on the right pair of lenses and images come into focus. A helpful outline of Jesus’ teaching of the Sermon on the Mount.

Discover the threads from Jesus’ well-known sermon, to see how it all ties together

Take a cursory glance at the Sermon on the Mount, and it seems Jesus was preaching on a host of unrelated topics! See this passage in Matthew in a whole new way.

Follow the flow of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew, and look for ways to live it out!

A well-crafted sermon takes a single theme, and then builds real-life application around that singular truth. And Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is no different!

Jesus’ teachings and the common thread that ties His words together into one powerful sermon

At first glance, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount appears to jump from topic to topic, without any theme connecting the verses. Don’t miss the conclusion of their thought-provoking study on Matthew 6.

The process and product of the providence of God

When an overwhelming need is met, or a major obstacle is overcome, it’s evident that God is at work. But can we see His provision in the ordinary events of our everyday lives?

Find freedom in Jesus’ teaching on not being anxious about the future

With the help of calendars, we map out our schedule for the days and weeks to come. So how can we plan ahead without bringing additional worry and anxiety to today? Insight from Matthew, chapter 6.

Let’s look at seven reasons in Scripture for why we should not be anxious about our future

When we agonize over a situation—whether it’s financial, relational, or medical—we usually have a good reason to worry! Don’t miss the real-life application from Matthew 6.

Discover what spiritual sickness is and how it is affecting Americans

Illnesses like influenza, smallpox, and bubonic plague have all been national epidemics at some time in history. Be here for the diagnosis of the spiritual sickness that is affecting Americans on a much larger scale.