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How the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer can revitalize our prayer life Part 2

There are seasons where prayer can feel a little stale. Times when our laundry list of requests and concerns become so familiar they’re just as mundane as actual laundry!

The Lord’s Prayer is a foundation for our communication with God, but not the final word on it Part 3

A good speaker often develops a basic outline to help stay on topic, but makes room to improvise! Join the discussion on the Lord's Prayer.

The radical nature of calling the Creator of the universe Father Part 4

In some cultures, it’s forbidden to speak God’s name out loud. But Jesus taught His disciples to call God, Dad! Don’t miss this encouraging discussion.

The privilege of calling our Lord by a personal title, Father Part 5

Jehovah, The Almighty, The Lord. God has many names. But have you ever tried calling Him Dad?

The sacrifice Jesus paid in order for us to have an intimate relationship with God Part 6

The Creator of the universe, who spoke planets into existence and named every star, wants us to call him Dad.

The way various cultures pray and the freedom we discover when we pray from the heart Part 7

Do you ever struggle to find the right words in prayer? Perhaps it’s a real challenge to pray out loud in a group.

What it means to embrace God as our Abba Father Part 8

Just as a young child would address a beloved father figure as Daddy, we’re encouraged to call the God of the universe by this intimate title.

God’s immense love as our heavenly Father Part 9

Fathers should guide us, teach us, and, ultimately, love us unconditionally. That’s what makes God the perfect dad!

Let’s look at Jesus’ teaching on prayer in the Sermon on the Mount Part 10

Perhaps you grew up with a kind and loving dad, or maybe you’re still trying to forget the pain your father caused you. No matter what your experience has been, there’s much to learn about our heavenly Father.

How God defines Himself as father, and how this influences our relationship with Him Part 11

Calling God Dad implies a loving relationship. But if our earthly father was less than ideal, it can negatively impact our view of the Lord.

Let’s examine the characteristics of our heavenly Father, by looking at the Son, Jesus! Part 12

It’s sometimes easy to confuse our heavenly Father with our earthly father. That’s why we need to go to Scripture to clearly understand the attributes of God.

Who God is, and how we can relate to Him Part 13

Just as two very different music notes played together can make a beautiful chord, the words Heaven and Father are harmonious!

What does it mean to “hallow” God’s name? Part 14

Let's discuss the first command in the Lord’s Prayer, Hallowed be your name. What does it mean for our lives today?

Discover what God's name represents Part 15

Does your name have a special meaning behind it? Perhaps you were named in honor of a family member. A fresh perspective on Jesus’ prayer, Hallowed be your name.

The significance of honoring God first and foremost Part 16

Jesus teaches that the first thing you do in prayer is say “Hallowed be Your name.” It’s an acknowledgment that we’re putting God first.