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Discover how some commitments can change the course of our life

Let's look at the commitment Ruth made to her mother-in-law Naomi, to care for her well-being until her death.

The Importance Of Being Prepared When It Comes To Choosing A Job, Or Walking Away From One

If you’ve ever been asked to go against your beliefs to keep your job, you know the tough decision at stake. It’s important to be prepared for those tough choices well in advance.

An Insightful Conversation About Our Occupation

From the moment we‘re old enough to speak, we’re asked what we want to do when we grow up. And while it’s cute to hear a four-year-old talk about being a fireman or a ballet dancer, it’s a question at the heart of each of our lives, no matter our age.

Consider What The Bible Has To Say About Work

We spend most of our time working at one job or another, but how often do we sit down and consider what the Bible says about work? A fascinating discussion on the theology of work.

Gain A Renewed Perspective On God’s View Of Our Vocation And Faith

Whether you’re changing diapers, or sitting in the corner office, your attitude about work matters to God!

A Special Verse To Carry You Through 2010

The coming of a New Year brings with it moments of reflection. We look back over the past years, the ups and the downs, and look ahead to a New Year brimming with possibilities.

Finding Wisdom In The Book Of Proverbs To Help You During The Difficult Child-rearing Years

Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with an instruction manual? With answers to your frequently asked questions!

Looking At Proverbs For Wisdom About Raising Children

If you have children, then you know they come packaged with their own unique personality! One may be quiet, another loud, another, an endless source of energy.

Look At Proverbs To Find Wisdom For Parents

Parenting isn’t easy! And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your kids end up going down paths you tried to steer them away from.

Finding True Hope Behind A Familiar, And Often Misunderstood Verse In The Psalms

It’s not uncommon to hear the Bible quoted in public settings. And sometimes, the Scripture is misused, failing to reflect what the author intended.

Tools To Develop Our Listening Skills, So That We Hear The Whole Truth Of The Bible

Listening is a skill. And if we’re not careful, we could miss the entire point of the conversation!

Principles We Can Follow To Help Us Make The Best Choices Possible

It’s never easy making tough decisions. Looking at how the early church made decisions, and find practical applications for us today.

How Circumstances Affect The Decisions We Make

We’ve all had circumstances in life that bring us to a point of decision. A job offer in another state, a medical situation, a new baby on the way.

Discover Important Principles To Making Good Decisions

So many of our decisions are brought on by circumstances. When those situations arise, it’s easy to think the events have dictated our choices.

Seven Principles To Help Us Make Those Difficult Choices

Decision making isn’t always easy. In fact, there are times when trying to make a tough choice can throw us into a state of confusion.