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The Decisions We Make In Our Day-to-day Lives Reflect Our Faith In God

While most of us won’t be threatened to denounce our faith or die, do you wrestle with the truth that sometimes living out your faith carries a high price?

Trusting God Even When He Doesn’t Do What We Ask

When God doesn’t answer your prayers in the way you expect, does it threaten your trust in God? Discover the concept of tough faith.

Trusting God Through The Good And Bad Times

History is full of courageous men and women who put their trust in God no matter what circumstances came their way. Perhaps you’re struggling to make it through your situation right now.

When Circumstances Are Overwhelming There’s Comfort Knowing God’s In Control

Perhaps you’re going through a tough time right now. You won't want to miss this hopeful conversation. 

A Man Who Made An Outrageous Vow To God . . . With Devastating Consequences

When times are tough and the light at the end of the tunnel is dim, people tend to make deals with God. Bargaining, if God gets them through it then they will . . . fill in the blank. 

A New Perspective To Get You Through The Tough Times

It’s easy to get caught up in the difficult circumstances of life, and miss seeing the good that comes out of hardship.

Making Good Choices

Have you ever faced a moment of crisis where the decision you made would affect your life for years to come? Perhaps you’re at the crossroads of decision right now.

Deeping Our Friendship With God

Who do you go to when something big happens? A spouse? A best friend? By going through trials and joys together, our relationships deepen.


An Insightful Dialogue On Testing

More often than not, we don’t fully understand God’s ultimate purpose for the trials in our lives. But during those difficult times, we can hold on to the truth that God can bring good out of our pain. Perhaps you’re going through tough times right now. Find encouragement on today.  


Wondering Why God Has Allowed You To Suffer Through A Painful Circumstance?

The life of faith isn’t always black and white. It’s a mystery. In fact, sometimes it’s difficult to see God’s design behind the trials we’re forced to endure.

An Authentic Look At The Conflicts That Test Our Character

Students groan when presented with a pop quiz or final exam. And we don’t respond much differently when life sends trials our way. Perhaps you’re struggling with a difficult situation right now.


Having Trouble Trusting God With Everything In Your Life?

The things that test our faith aren’t small. Often, acting in faith means letting go of the things we love the most. And it hurts.


Encouragement For Facing Some Serious Trials

Even in our darkest moments, God is right there with us. But sometimes it’s difficult to feel His presence, isn’t it? Find refreshment right now.

Will Our Faith In God Stand The Test When The Pressure Is On And The Stakes Are High?

It can be hard to understand how a loving God can allow such difficult trials in our lives.


Encouragement For Those Running The Race Of The Christian Life

Ever feel as though the tests of your faith just keep coming? Just as soon as you leap over one hurdle, there’s another one . . . and another one. Having trouble seeing the finish line?