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An Authentic Discussion On Overcoming Trials With Faith In God

From time to time, we all have tough circumstances that come into our lives. These episodes can either grow our faith . . . or destroy it.

How To Measure Opportunities That Come Our Way

When making major decisions like where to live, where to put your kids through school, what job to take . . . it can be difficult to know which choice to make. Facing big decisions right now?


An Authentic Discussion On The Hope We Have In Jesus

Whether we’re nineteen, forty-two or seventy-eight . . . we’ll all be on death’s doorstep one day. For many, that fact is terrifying to consider.

Let’s Grapple With The Painful Realities Of Faith

Handing over our future to God’s capable hands is difficult. It takes a deep trust in God to release our grip on hopes and dreams.

Have You Come To A Crossroads In Your Life? Don’t Know Which Path To Choose?

Living by faith. It’s not an easy road to travel. We aren’t given a road map showing exactly which choices to make and which paths to follow.

Encouragement To Those Allowing God To Paint Their Future

Sometimes having faith in God means living in uncertainty. Trusting Him when the canvas of our future is blank. Having difficulty entrusting everything to God?

The Christian Faith Is Based On One Central Truth

The central truth that is echoed throughout the Old and New Testaments in the Bible and the profound effect this common theme has on our faith and how we live our lives. 

Explore Some Of God's Promises That Can Help Us During Times Of Pain And Suffering

When you’re going through a tough time, are there particular Bible verses that come to your rescue? Promises from Scripture that carry you through the darkness?


Let’s Examine What It Takes To Live A Life Of Faith

The Christian life isn’t a spectator sport . . . viewed from the grandstands. It’s an active life . . . played on the field of God’s choosing. But the game of life has a way of delivering joy in victory . . . and agony in defeat. Going through a tough situation right now?

How God Uses True Stories To Communicate Deep Lessons On Life

A well-written story has us sitting on the edge of our seat. We connect with the main characters, are gripped by the trials they face, and sigh in relief when all ends well.


Going Through A Hard Time?

Whether it’s the death of a loved one, deep financial loss, or a wayward child, trials afflict us all at one time or another. God doesn’t remove the pain from difficult circumstances, but His grace does sustain us through them.

How To Look For God In The Midst Of Painful Trials

Just like gold is refined in a fire, our faith is refined through testing. Perhaps you’re going through a difficult time right now . . . a testing of your faith.

Trying To Make Sense Of The Hardships You’re Facing?

Is anything too hard for God to do? The obvious answer is no, but if that’s the case, why doesn’t He use His power to heal all cancer, bring peace among nations, and protect us from pain and suffering? Let's tackle these difficult questions.

Haddon Gives Solid Counsel Of Those Hanging On By Their Last Thread

There are days when the weight of the world seems to be placed solely on your shoulders. Days when there’s no relief in sight. And you wonder how you’ll ever take just one more step. Sound familiar?

Profound Guidance On Perservering Through Trials

All of us face trials in our lives. Today Haddon, Alice and Mart share some profound guidance on making it through those tough times.