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A personal firestorm that ignited trust in the goodness of God

Firestorms often come unexpectedly. And they leave ash, rubble, and devastation in their wake. But within the ruins, we find surprising signs of hope.

Why it’s fruitful to believe that God knows us individually

Faith means trusting that God knows how much we can handle, even when we’re in the midst of difficult circumstances. Perhaps you’re wondering if your trial is more than you can bear.

Discover what a centurion can teach us about trusting in the Lord

Called to identify a model of faithfulness, most people in the crowd would have pointed to a religious leader or one of the disciples as their example. Imagine the shock when Jesus chose a Roman soldier as the epitome of faith! It’s a brand-new study in Matthew 8.

Discover how to reclaim a sense of biblical peace!

Life can reach a frenetic pace sometimes. Caught up in the craziness and hurry-up lifestyle, we can feel pushed and pulled in every direction. It’s a look at God’s call to “be still.”

Let’s search Psalm 46 to learn exactly where God is when we need Him the most

“Where is God when life hurts?” It’s a question we’ve all asked at one time or another. The answer may surprise you! Join us for an eye-opening discussion.

Let’s discuss the confidence we have in the presence and goodness of God

We may wake up fully convinced that we’re safe, protected, and cared for. But as the day’s trials begin, our confidence sometimes withers away. Let's turn to Psalm 46 and find true security in the presence and goodness of God.

Discover God’s visible love for you, even in the midst of trials

The Bible defines faith as “trusting in what you cannot see.” But it’s hard to trust in God’s goodness when life is falling apart around us. Let's explore a passage in Scripture that offers us a fresh perspective on faith.

Find out that it’s not about what we can do, but who we trust for our salvation

What do I have to do to get into heaven? It’s a question men and women have been asking for centuries. Our study of the rich young ruler continues.

Let's lean on the promise of mercy

The Bible warns us, “You reap what you sow.” The Old Testament character, Jacob, planted quite a few destructive seeds within his family. The result of which should have been a harvest of pain. Discover how Jacob received what he didn’t deserve, an outpouring of God’s grace!

Let’s look at the difference between a belief in something and a trust in Jesus Christ

Ask the average person you meet, and they’ll likely tell you they consider themselves a spiritual person. But is that the same thing as being a person of faith?

Let's discuss the questions we all must answer

According to Haddon Robinson, there are five questions that, when answered, will help us decide whether we should, or shouldn’t put our faith in God.

Looking for evidence for the reliability of the Christian faith?

For many people, there’s a disconnect between faith and science. They can’t seem to place their trust in a God whose existence they cannot logically prove! Faith isn’t a blind leap.

Discover the elements that make up a firm belief in the promises of God

Faith is more than simply saying a prayer or reciting a creed. True faith is trusting God at the core of who you are.

A lively discussion about faith in the goodness of God

Faith means trusting that God has our best interests in mind, even when we’re in the midst of difficult circumstances. Perhaps you’re having a hard time seeing past the tough times.